Crazy People Crossing.

I want that, you know like the moose crossing signs, but for crazy people. I want one. Although, most crazy people are really the normal people and the normal people  are just ignorant of the fact that they are the crazy people. Got that?

I wrote three posts over the last two days. They were consigned to the save draft bin, as the time is not right to share them I think. Letting bits and pieces of myself spill out can be very hard.

Today I am home. Again. Joff and the children are off to church and I am sitting her snuggled up in bed wishing I could drink an entire bottle of Theraflu. Joff even took the baby, because he is an amazingly awesome dad and because he is an amazingly awesome husband. Joff, I love you. And I really do feel bad about missing church. Again.

I bounce all over the place, from feeling like I have the worst case of the flu ever, to feeling like sunshine and roses and then on over to crying like the world is burning all around and we are all doomed or crying because I saw another adorable puppy on pinterest. Which is a different sort of crying. In all other words I am a wreck.  The first trimester sucks big time. I am desperately trying to pull myself together, taking life one day at a time.

Insert sappy but inspirational poem here.

Gosh darn that theraflu is tempting me!

Elli made an snow elephant yesterday, so very adorable.

Katie can not swallow a pill to save her life. Not one cut in half or quarters or wrapped up in peanut butter, but she can draw, this is one she did in Paint on the computer:) I am trying to convince her to allow me to post a fox picture she did the other day, but it will take time. Katie is shy about her work:(

Joff has found me a another 15 passenger van to go and look at this week. We get to drive an ark. Yippee.

Chantelle is on her way to creating havoc and mayhem. She can now pull herself to a stand, when sitting her down I have to be careful there is nothing near by or she will try to pull herself up! (Do you see her baby leg warmers? My first pair, finished finally and I am rather pleased with myself! Almost done with her second pair already:))

I am struggling with words and I keep having to move away from the keyboard (flu like symptoms, need I say more.) so I shall not throw this in the save bin but publish it, so I do not end this week without some bit of new hash.




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