Another Sunday

I am feeling chatty, but since I have recently discovered that I am a hermit, there is no one to speak to other then the baby and the cats. And they do not laugh at my very lame attempts at humor. In case you are wondering the older children think I am crazy and rarely listen to a word I say, I can hold their attention for about ten seconds if I am holding something that contains loads of sugar or cash.  I can get 30 seconds if I am holding both.

When I got married to my Joffy, I ended a  relationship with Hellman’s Mayo. It was all about the budget, Why buy Miracle Whip and Hellman’s, waste of money, or so I thought. Then I had a sandwhich last year with Hellman’s and I almost cried*. I had been eating the nastiest stuff on the planet and I was done!

Hellman's REAL mayo. REAL, people, the REAL god of condiments. Roar.

I am eating a burger with tons of Hellman and Ketchup! Yum!

Joff has been working so much lately, when he came in to tuck the kids in the other night Caleb said bye instead of goodnight. Tonight he is off to the Special Olympics and he will not be home till tomorrow, possibly Tuesday. I hope he comes home tomorrow. Because the babies have a dental appointment Tuesday morning and I hate dental appointments even if they are not mine. I am extremely romantic. I tell Joff all the time how I could not live without him. Who would do the dishes?

My poor Joffy.

Funny how when I have so much to say I find myself without words.


*I cried, it was in a little diner and I choked up. People were looking, I was all, Oh my, oh, oh, sniffle, sniffle, what magical ingredient has made this BLT heaven on earth, sniffle, sniffle, mmm. I moaned and made disgusting eating food noises and if I had not been me I would have been very humilated. But I was me, so it was all good. Oh so Good.


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