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March is in like a lion, but this post is a total lamb.

Has it really been a month?

I blame it on pinterest. And the children. The children are everywhere and they want me to do things for them, like feed them and wash their underwear. I am so picked on.

1. I bought a new, dome-shaped, clear umbrella. It is ridiculous how much I love it.

2. We have made revisions to the house, again. Thanks Pinterest.

3. I am  really excited to share some fantastic news about math.  Sadly it is not that math is no longer required learning, no that would be too good to be true. We have been using Math U See and loving it.  Yes the sky is falling. It is turning out best for Everett and Felicity, but Katie and Alice are doing well and I am sure they will feel better about it once they get used to it. At the very least there is no complaining. A+ in my book.

4. I am thinking of not finding out the gender this time round. I never in a million years thought I would feel that way, but I have boys and girls, a surprise might be kind of fun:).

5. Made some salsa, tons of lime and jalapano, mmmmmm, me so happy.

6. Caleb calls Tilly, “my little pet Tilly monster”.

7. As much as I am in total denial about pregnancy in general, as much as I swear up and down that I am done, so, so done having children. I cannot complain, I am insanely happy things did not go the way I thought I wanted. I have seven amazing children, a sweet angel in heaven, and a new little love on the way. I am blessed. This is something I can never say enough, whatever crap life throws my way, I am blessed.

I am sure my fur babies feel the same way:P
Fox looking out. By Katie.



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