The Lamb and the Wolves (Happy Easter)

Yesterday was a haphazard sort of day, doing everything at the last moment, including an Easter egg hunt with the Rosso cousins. It was fun and I am so glad we managed to pull it together at the last-minute. The one thing we did not do this year was dye Easter eggs, partially because we have around a thousand brown eggs as our hens have sprung into action and we can barely eat/give them away fast enough. Brown eggs, we discovered do not dye well.

Today was Easter Sunday. I went to church, which was just all around odd, but the children were beyond excited that I went and that made me kind of sad. I had to go though, the Easter bunny does not arrive at our house unless you go to church. Chantelle was excited because she got to ride in the truck, her obsession with riding in the truck is beyond normal. Everett, after a song, turned to his dad and said “Isn’t Sunday the best day of the week?!” Felicity was very excited to turn in her conference notes and receive her prize, because she really worked hard to pay attention both Saturday and Sunday of Conference weekend. Frankly she did amazing, listening to each two-hour session  and trying her hardest to figure out what each person had to say. Most of the time I wonder how these children are even mine, they are such good kids and despite my usual bad example on a daily basis they are managing to do what is right, heck, they even manage a reprimand for me on occasion:)

Joff was supposed to go into work this afternoon, but did not end up going and that made the kids even happier still, so we sat around munching on candy and talking. It is wonderful to just have a day as a family once in a while and for us it does not happen nearly often enough. The Rosso cousins came to play for an hour before dinner, even little Dan, although he really just came to read our giant book of animals, still it was fun to listen to him talk about the awesomeness of cats while I readied for dinner.

We were supposed to eat the goose for dinner, but Joff worked too much to get around to butchering the poor guy so he was spared once again. We had crock pot chicken noodle soup instead and I am glad we did not have a large traditional dinner this year, chicken noodle soup was perfect after all those jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

I feel so sad for that goose, he is so lonely, but my attempts at finding him a home are proving futile. I really do not want another goose, but I am now thinking maybe I will just buy a female goose for the poor guy. What is a little more critter poo around here anyway?

All in all a very good day. I am thankful for my husband and children, I am thankful for my nieces and nephews. I am thankful for the opportunity, to try again each and everyday to forgive and to be a better person, no matter how often I fail at both.

Happy Easter.