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Reading Joy

Well, well, well. Finally something positive to blog about!

None of my children are “readers”, they love to be read too and I do occasionally see them reading the odd picture or comic book, but reading doesn’t interest. This has been something I have tried to remedy for years, reading anything and everything to them and while they have loved the books we have read in the past…….nothing was sparking that fire I was hoping for, so you can imagine my sheer joy when I started reading Harry Potter to the girls and they couldn’t get enough……..holy cow, it has been amazing!

Alice has been rereading the first two books and sneaking peeks at the chapters we haven’t got to yet in the third book.

I. Could. Cry. For. Joy.

Felicity, is reading but not a proficient reader, still not sure about a lot of words and stumbles every word but “the”. She has been reading the first Harry Potter book, it takes her 20-30 minutes to get through a paragraph, but she does it of her own free will. Progress! She is finally showing interest in reading.

I do not know where this will go or how long it will last but I am over the moon thrilled. Doing the Happy Dance!!!!!

J.K Rowling, THANK YOU!