Random, Randomness

Beautiful afternoon rain shower, after the heat of yesterday I am loving it!
Chantelles birthday is next week, one year old. My baby will be a year! I love her so much, I am so lucky and proud to be her momma:)
Amazon orders are starting to trickle in for all the birthdays we have this month, I love ordering stuff online, just found some super cute beads and buttons on Etsy for Alice.
Cats are not speaking to me. I give them flea baths and treatments twice a year. Bathing cats is enjoyable for absolutely no one.
Tilly woke up last night with some sort of woe, Joff and I got her calmed down and back to sleep then ended up staying up for two hours chatting. I love all the random conversations I have with my husband<3
We have one red hen, she thinks she is a person and is forever trying to sneak into the house. Tilly loves her and might be helping her.
Two more hens are sitting on nests, more baby chicks!
Here is the sun. Off for a walk. I love summer.



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