Middles and beginnings, no end in sight.

It is raining,the doors and windows are open and a cool wind is blowing through the house, we are all curled up on the couch watching Scooby-Doo and eating leftover pinata candy. Summer is not over but fall is right around the corner, children are heading back to school and everyone seems to be talking about how many cords of wood they have stock piled over the spring and summer months. I love the inbetween times, the seasons between seasons. There is something energizing about the change of weather. Still more days of hot and humid ahead, still more dunks in the pool, but the evenings are cooler and our sweaters have found thier way to the coat rack next to the front door.

There are changes in life for us also, a new baby and more boxes to pack, but soon a new house and all those boxes to unpack.  School will be more challenging then it has over the summer, especially for my two eldest and I have two children learning to read this year. I have one year left until I turn thirty and I have all sorts of plans for my last year in my twenty’s.

I have eight children! This amazes me. I know that most people would think that I have a large family but it does not feel large to me. It feels…….just right.  I love them all so much. They are the one thing  I never forget to give thanks to God for, even on the bad days, I could never be greatful enough for amazing children.



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