Midnight haze

What I want to do, but can’t. No I am not speaking of running marathons or visiting some far off land. I am talking of moving from the couch, were I am currently laying down, to the porch. It is only a few short steps. I can feel the cool night air drifting in from an open window, the sounds of insects and occasional owl. It is beckoning me. There is a moon, bright and beautiful and I wish to go and sit underneath it, to write by the cool glow of night, my pen scratching on paper. To feel the night, the peace that comes with this noisy summer quiet time, even now the world, the small world around me is still alive, awake. But I do not go. I will miss this night, as I have missed far too many before it. I am tired, my body resists, my limbs weak and unwilling. My eyes are closing and here is another night slipping away from my eager soul. ~K


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