I have extracted myself from Pinterest. This was not easy, and, if I were to be completely truthful Pinterest is still open in another tab. Waiting for me to come back and spend the rest of my days scrolling through, pinning up crafts that are rated “easy” or for the “beginner” (lies!), delicious recipes with ingredients that go straight to my arteries just reading them, and downloading You can do it! posters to pin next to my exercise bike, which coincidentally is covered in dust.

Pinterest is an amazing place, I can find just about anything there, including every keep Calm poster, well, except for the one that says Keep Calm and don’t yell at the kids.

Yelling  (or gently stretching your vocal cords a might louder then speaking in a normal range) is something I try hard not to do, when the math facts that we had perfectly memorized two hours ago are completely wiped from the brain of my child after playing for a mere twenty minutes on Plants vs. Zombies. A game they can recount in perfect detail for days, weeks and months on end.

And by the end of the day when I read the serving size on a bag of Hershey kisses to be around 7 pieces, I laugh in a somewhat guilty way, because I am only reading the bag because it is now empty and I am mourning the loss of my self control. I build a small grave over the bag with the crushed Hershey wrappers and wonder if I should go exercise  Then I realize it is 11 PM and there is no point, there are more important things to do. Like pinning ways to better stream line my life, eat healither and have deep discussions  with my children around the dinner table about the wonderful lessons they learned in school that day. ( Myths, all of them, but I am a sucker for a good sale and Pinterest sells it Hard.)

So, here we are more or less at the beginning and, I came here to blog and like the proper addict that I am my thoughts are not far from my drug of choice.

So here I am, signing off.  I have stuff to pin. Maybe, someday ( like tomorrow) I will stumble my way back over here.



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