One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re goin’. What matters is deciding to get on.

So very often I don’t post because I am either too busy or my life is un-remarkably dull. Well, not dull, it is lively enough with the amount of children stampeding through the house on an hourly basis, but really, how is that news? I have kids, stampeding is given.

Today is another day.

Joff is on vacation due to the hernia surgery, we have him home till Christmas, he goes back to work on the 26th. .

Despite telling the kids that today was a school day somehow we did not get around to it. Games were played, music listened too.  A zoo was built utilizing every stuffed animal in the house (thousands of them, in case anyone is wondering) chairs, cushions, blankets, baskets were all drafted. It got a bit crazy to tell the truth. Which is one reason why I ended up outside shoveling the driveway.

Winter is beautiful. Quiet. It never ceases to amaze me how silent the world becomes when the snow falls.

I napped.

Actually I fell asleep holding the baby and no one woke me up.

There are no words people, when moms (or dads) get to nap. It is like, like a Christmas miracle.

We watched the Polar Express and drank peppermint cocoa.

Today was the sort of day were I am reminded how blessed I am.

Alice, the lights of our Christmas tree behind her. Only one week left till Christmas!

Merry Christmas.



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