Negative Space

Alright, I confess, by 11 at night I have had it.

I am tired and exhausted and I just want to not be needed by anyone.

I don’t want to know where someones crap is, I don’t want to get up and point to it sitting right in front of their face.

I don’t want to cook another meal, I don’t want to make another pb&j  and, under no circumstances, do I want to fetch another drink.

I don’t want to read another book and I don’t want to hear one more time the epic tales of adventure that happened earlier in the day and that has been recounted five million and one times since.

I don’t want to spell another word or hold a baby while I try and use the restroom.

I don’t want anyone withing five feet of me.

This varies night by night.

Some nights I can take it, but not tonight.

Not tonight.

Tonight, I am huddled up in bed, blogging on my more then neglected blog, printing out math for the week and feeling squashed.

I want to knit, watch something on the BBC and sip hot cocoa.

I am too tired. Too unsettled, ruffled, discontented.

I wish had not been so grumpy putting the children to bed.

Try again tomorrow I will.




2 thoughts on “Negative Space

  1. Thanks Carrie, I wish you could come and knit with me too, that would be fun.
    I know there will come a day when I will miss all of this, but sometimes it can be hard to not look forward to it just a little bit:)

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