Everyone is asleep.

What? You didn’t hear me?

It is 10 PM and everyone in my house is out cold.

I chucked stuffed animals at the suspicious looking ones to be sure.

Out cold.

I am giddy with excitement.

The sensible part of me would suggest getting right to bed, but I have that poor section of myself gagged and bound.

It is probably dead come to think of it.

That would explain my lack of filter lately (always?!).


Ohhh! I could knit!

I can’t really, the cats have declared war on my yarn. All of four of them. They know where it is, they sit on my yarn box and wait.

The cats are never really asleep.

There is a cat sitting on the bed snoring right now, if I tossed a stuffed animal in his direction right now he would ninja up and grab that thing mid-air, disemboweling it before it hit the ground.

Cats are freaky awesome like that.

I try to stay on their good side.

No. I am not folding laundry. I refuse.

I am not sorting papers.

I could vaccum.

Too loud, never mind.

I did have a date to clean the toilet…….

Ohhhh, shiny new thought!

Shiny, hahaha, the toilet is not going to be shiny tonight.

No, where was I going?

I often feel like the mad hatter and his entire family have moved inside my head.

“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!” (Lewis Carroll of course.)

Pinterest. I knew it would come ’round to Pinterest.

Maybe a book.

Books are dangerous. Once started they refuse to be put down, they can be quite demanding.

Worse then Pinterest.

Yes, much worse.

But ever so much more satisfying,

Books are a gateway drug to a life rife with imagination and excitement.

I need to go find a book to hold, its cover hopefully worn, the pages smelling of libraries and    jam, the words reaching out, pulling me in…..

K~ Introvert Ninja Master


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