There is a bottle of red hair dye, a mug of peppermint tee and a small chunk of dark chocolate sitting in front of me.

It has been one of those days.

I rarely dye my hair when I am feeling chipper, it usually happens in February when I want to move into the deep, deep south. Also, you know, St. Pats is close by and I like to go red as a nod to my one small drop of Irish blood.

In truth, when I woke up this morning and my eyes opened, I realized that crawling out of bed was going to be a miserable chore. I through a mini tantrum in my head. My head hurt, my nose had no shut off button and the rest of me was all ” Your on your own we are fighting a war here, a war!!”

I crawled out of bed.

I managed school and driving into town for much needed groceries.

And if I am being totally honest I drank way too much Theraflu.

My hair is ready to be rinsed. One of these days it will be brilliant fire engine red. Maybe tonight. I hope so.

Wish me luck.


Pictures of Scout, our new puppy, coming soon! Also, updates on POE and how much we are love, loving it:)