Look at this beautiful baby♥

Abigale is seven months old. An absolute darling baby. We call her Peaches and Babs and Abby. We love her to pieces. She doesn’t crawl or sit up, she doesn’t move much at all! But she loves to snuggle and stand on my lap, she loves to sing and read with me and she has the cutest laugh you ever heard. She is patient and quiet. She drools a lot, no teeth in sight.  She falls asleep in the bath, every single time. I love the way her hand wraps around my shirt collar,  a thumb in her mouth when she falls asleep in my arms. Peaches is my baby, my sweet little baby girl. I am a happy, lucky mama.


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I am still learning.

P1000733 February will be over in a few short hours, spring is in the wings, preparing to come out on stage.

There is beauty in the winter and while I am anxious for spring, I cannot help but feel thankful that winter comes every year.

Winter is a stark and magnificent beauty.

And she is, in her cold darkness, Hope.

I love to sit on my porch sometimes in the bitter cold night, all wrapped up and marvel at how clear and bright the night sky is, how absolute the silence, the air is clear and brisk and I drink it in.

So the wind blows against my windows and the snow dances into elegant drifts,

My fire burns bright and there is a warm quilt around my toes, a steaming bowl of hot stew and a book just waiting for me to return…..

I am happy, I am grateful, no matter how hard, no matter the difficulties, no matter that sometimes it seems that these long winter days will never end…..

They will end and I will remember them with fondness.

Because Joy can be found even in the darkest of days.