We are so small, a speck, nothing really in the grand scheme of things. In the vastness of the world and space, in the drawn out expanse of history….who are we? Who are we to waste the few breathes of life we are given by only ever seeing ill in others, in ourselves, in the amazing world around us? It cannot matter what you believe or you don’t believe, Somehow deep down we all just want to be happy…….

And in the end, the hate and bitterness that one spreads in this life amounts once again to mere nothings and your breathe is gone, your chance to just “be” is over.

How does tearing each other down make our brief span here worthwhile?

I don’t understand it all.

And yet I am guilty too.

I am guilty.

I am sorry.

I am sorry for the hurt I have caused.

I am not ready to leave this world after all.

I am ready for another chance.

There is a pocket in our souls, in our being, in the essence of who we are that contains the tiniest shred of hope.

In the darkest of the days that seem to never end, when the spiral of nothingness clings to you like cement……..

We are nothing, we are everything, granted life, granted hope.

There will always be an end.

There will always be hope.




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