I love the summer, the heat of the sun burning my skin, the way everything sticks to you until you dive into the cool chill of the pool, the smell of chlorine clinging to damp tangled hair.

I love the welcoming spray of the warm green hose and the icy cold water on my tongue.

Ice clinking in a glass of tart lemonade and blazing afternoons when curling up in the shade of a welcoming tree with a favorite book is the best thing to do.

Watching green tomatoes swell and turn fire engine red and the ever growing grass turn brilliant shades of green.

Hearing the laughter of my children as they lie on the cool damp grass in the mornings and sprawling out on the trampoline late into the night, watching the fat brown bats swoop in and out of the porch light, catching their dinner.

The many vases of wildflowers that clutter up every surface available and the beloved and carefully collected seashells that adorn window sills and tables alike.

I love the sometimes smell of the ocean, and the thundering crash of the waves as the pound the shore.

I love the cheerful chatter of friends and the smell of good things cooking over a wood-fired grill, the silly games played by cousins and marshmallow smeared faces.

The cool evenings, the crickets chirping a lullaby, the birds gossiping in the brush.

The rush of energy as  the heat of the day gives way to breezy chill nights.

Rocking in my rocking chair on my porch, talking to my Joff of the day, watching the clouds come in and feeling the distant rumble of a summertime storm.

I love the patter of the rain and the flashed of lightening.

The expectation that this could all last forever, knowing that it will pass ever so quickly,

leaving behind the dreamy summerday haze for the brisk, snowy wintertime.

I love the summertime, every blistering, wonderful moment.



Good News


I passed.

I have finished the GED for reals and goods.

I can’t believe it took me six years to go in and face the numbers. But I did it and I am rather proud of myself.

My math education petered out somewhere just past multiplication and in the midst of elementary division.

So I was afraid, terrified, overwhelmed, and not at all sure of myself.

But I did it.

I studied.

and I did it.

Now I can do anything.

Anything at all and it still hasn’t quite sunk in.

I am even excited to be able to go take some math classes. (Of all things!!)

Insanely happy would not even begin to describe how I feel right now.

Me, I am now,officially, a person:)


Holiday · Kids · Picture Post

Jello and America. I love America! Whoo-hoo and all that.

Wading through jello. JELLO!

That is how I have felt the last couple of days.

Now don’t ask me how I know what it feels like to wade through jello, I do not have a plausible answer.

It was just………. Jello.

I have enduring a head cold, a nasty, mean, wickedly evil head cold.

Also insomnia.

Even though I must be up early, I sense another long night ahead of me.

Happily, after some sleeping pills and good cold meds, I did get some pretty decent sleep last night.

Bring on the wide awake eyes and the endless chattering of my brain telling me sleep is for when I am dead.

Which I might be by morning if these mosquitoes get their way.

We took a week off of school for the holiday.

Slamming back into it in the morning.

And hopefully I will get a call about my (GED) tests results.

Crossing my fingers.


Elli and Tilly♥

Chantelle turns two this week!

And ……..


Happy 4th of July!!!

Wait where is that, insanely adorable and strong willed toddler names Chantelle???

Having a fit off to the side.

Here we go!!

P1090256To be fair this shot was taken at 6:30am (AM!). If I hadn’t already been awake I would be off to the side having a fit too.

My kids love holidays:)

That is all.


I should put that on a t-shirt, you know……

It was just……Jello

Somehow or another I think that would be a good byline for my life.

K~ (again)


E is for Effort

These are wishes

just waiting

Waiting for a breathe

A breeze

A song to dance to

as the flit to gather up


Slender promises



I am afraid to waste them

Afraid to breathe

These wishes waiting and waiting,

will not wait forever






Sleep and I are on the outs.


I am making my way through three different books right now. They are lying next to each other on my head board and I pick one or another up at random, only to stare blankly at the page and put the book down on the stack again.

But then my brain is swamped right now, stewing and muttering, if given a cane it would probably start whacking at things too. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who can’t get her brain to shut the freak up. Right?



Peaches. My baby is wonderfulness♥