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Jello and America. I love America! Whoo-hoo and all that.

Wading through jello. JELLO!

That is how I have felt the last couple of days.

Now don’t ask me how I know what it feels like to wade through jello, I do not have a plausible answer.

It was just………. Jello.

I have enduring a head cold, a nasty, mean, wickedly evil head cold.

Also insomnia.

Even though I must be up early, I sense another long night ahead of me.

Happily, after some sleeping pills and good cold meds, I did get some pretty decent sleep last night.

Bring on the wide awake eyes and the endless chattering of my brain telling me sleep is for when I am dead.

Which I might be by morning if these mosquitoes get their way.

We took a week off of school for the holiday.

Slamming back into it in the morning.

And hopefully I will get a call about my (GED) tests results.

Crossing my fingers.


Elli and Tilly♥

Chantelle turns two this week!

And ……..


Happy 4th of July!!!

Wait where is that, insanely adorable and strong willed toddler names Chantelle???

Having a fit off to the side.

Here we go!!

P1090256To be fair this shot was taken at 6:30am (AM!). If I hadn’t already been awake I would be off to the side having a fit too.

My kids love holidays:)

That is all.


I should put that on a t-shirt, you know……

It was just……Jello

Somehow or another I think that would be a good byline for my life.

K~ (again)


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