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We will swing and swing higher, higher, until our toes touch the sky.

And when are toes scrape the blue,

When the clouds are below

Then we jump

We jump

and we



We went to the park today



to 60’s rock
P1120055-001 P1120058-001

laughter and grass stains


 trees that must be climbed.

slides and swings and tunnels

again and higher and

climbing up

instead of sliding down


basketball courts and the thump, thump of

the ball

and yes,

the woosh of the net.


PB&J and crusts for the


wood chips and laughter


we went to the park today

and kissed summer goodbye




I stand in the laundry room and glare at the washing machine. The blasted thing is moving and grooving like a Latin salsa dancer. I give it a 10 and turn to leave. It stops abruptly. I sigh and and turn back around. It isn’t off balance, I have checked. Twice.

I slam the lid really hard and it starts back up.


I am thinking of bringing the radio in. A sacrifice to the machine that washes our laundry.

I haul out the load that is finished and hang it up on the line. A beautiful day for laundry.. Especially as the dryer has started to eat the laundry.

I go back inside to get the children lunch. Open up the fridge and all is warm. The deli meat is spoiled and the milk might be as well.

I do believe the appliances are conspiring against me.

Where did I go wrong?




P1080244All week I have written in my daily planner….Blog! And I have been caught up in this and that and then sleep and the cycle starts again.

But now…….

The older children are working on their independent studies, my young ones are playing games that involve sticks, baskets  and rubber ducks.

Peaches has amassed a sizable rubber duck collection for a one year old.

I am, have been sitting here at the desk, attempting to write in my journal.  There is much negativity in my life at this moment.

It floods my soul and I must put away my journal.

No, now is the time for other things.

Starting with music. Classical Piano.

I breathe in.

I open my scriptures searching for something, something…….

And  a weight is lifted.

I often wonder about the effects of negativity, the long term damage when we let it settle in our bones.

But no more of that.

I have a moment.

I turned 30 last week.

I am officially on my way to old age. I am so very happy to be right where I am.

I am 30.

My life is far from perfect and I struggle daily with a wide array of troubles.

But my life is also beautiful.

Filled with so much joy and laughter, that I cannot help but be happy.

Once again I am starting a new year,

a whole new set of goals and habits to work on,

and of course all the old ones I have not finished yet.

The life ones.

Chantelle has found the lollipops.

My moment is over.






I am tired.


I am physically, emotionally, mentally worn out.

I think taking so much medication for over a week has played a huge part in all of that. Or not.

I have had naps, maybe I have slept too much. I don’t know.

I want a vacation.

I want to go somewhere quiet, with a super comfy bed, a huge pile of books and room service.

I want to forget all my troubles.

All the pressures and worries and bills.

I want my brain to shut up and stop telling me, repeatedly, stuff I already know.

I don’t want to take any more pain meds.

I want my stupid tooth to stop hurting.

Mostly I wish my birthday wasn’t only a few days away.

I am throwing a pity party.

I I I I I I I  I………me me me me me.


Is there hope for tomorrow maybe?


That is a blog post written earlier this week.

But I didn’t post it.

I felt it was too……boohooish.


I am feeling pretty much the same.

I wonder how it is possible to feel happy and sad

all at the same time.

I have this amazing wonderful family

they bring me so much joy and happiness

I love them fiercely.



I had a conversation early today

that dealt with quite a few things

going on right now

and it left me feeling heavy and worn.

And I have not been able to shake it.

So here I am.

It is surprisingly hard to

surround oneself with positive light

when all around swirls negative whispering.

How do you drown it out?

I am having difficulties this week

calming my soul

And yet,

There is always hope.