I stand in the laundry room and glare at the washing machine. The blasted thing is moving and grooving like a Latin salsa dancer. I give it a 10 and turn to leave. It stops abruptly. I sigh and and turn back around. It isn’t off balance, I have checked. Twice.

I slam the lid really hard and it starts back up.


I am thinking of bringing the radio in. A sacrifice to the machine that washes our laundry.

I haul out the load that is finished and hang it up on the line. A beautiful day for laundry.. Especially as the dryer has started to eat the laundry.

I go back inside to get the children lunch. Open up the fridge and all is warm. The deli meat is spoiled and the milk might be as well.

I do believe the appliances are conspiring against me.

Where did I go wrong?



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