Dear Diary….



This post contains nothing of merit or interest.

I awoke this morning, feeling my usual mix of anxious and…..anxious.

So freaking much can go wrong in a day,

My day starts with dirty diapers and ends with dirty diapers.

Somewhere in the middle is school, food, cleaning,

appointments, more food, dirty diapers, and finding a new hiding place for “Mr. Brown can Moo”.

When bedtime arrives (deep breathe in!) and everyone is full, clean and breathing and then at last….asleep,

I crawl into bed wondering how it all happened.

Taking care of eight children is exhausting.

Throw in a puppy and a husband who’s work hours are all over the place,

and the house. Oh. My. Gosh.

I live for the day when the think is DONE.

 It is a wonder I haven’t gone mad.

Oh wait.


Stress. And yet.

There are adorable chickadees and good music

and chocolate.


I am feeling mad hatter-ish and life is one whacked out, tea party.

Fortunately I happen to like tea parties.




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