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Peaches and Stuff

I am fairly certain that Peaches broke the phone.  She takes phones quite seriously and bathing them in milk is apparently what one does with a phone.

She also loves computer screens and keyboards. Keyboards have to be smashed by fat little paws until the computer gives up and shuts off.

The cats do not like the computer. Prowler has learned how to turn it off and he likes to do so whenever I am doing something important or when he wants my attention, which incidentally, is all the time.

The printer is just plain evil and does what ever the crap it wants.

Miss Constance is here tonight, you would think the Queen herself was up for a visit, I am so very glad that the cousins love each other. Even when we adults can not seem to behave the children manage to stay friends, something I am extremely grateful for. I have a few things to learn from the wee ones I think.

The girls put on a delightful play just as I walked in the door this evening, they have promised to repeat the performance tomorrow so that I might record it.

Turkey day is imminent!

I Adore and Love Thanksgiving♥





Who we are, who we become.

There are so many wonderful things I am discovering as I age, one is a definite appreciation for a good story.

Oh I have always loved stories, all my favorite gifts have been books, but the oral story is something that has taken time for me to really appreciate it. More specifically the true tales, the life stories told by those older then I, they lived in a time that is so foreign too me and the stories told are alien and exciting, and then there is something for the expression, the slow chuckle, the eyes looking back and you can see that the teller is there, once again, there, in a time I will never visit except in that moment.

These people I love lived, fully, richly.

I want to live like that. I want stories to tell.

But even more, I want to retell the stories told to me, I want my children to hear them, to hold them and wonder at there beauty.

I want them to cry at the sad parts, I want them to belly laugh at the funny parts, I want them to feel the pain of the rough parts, I want them to feel, feel deeply the happiness that is a life lived with purpose and love.

I want them to learn from the tales of their elders the true meaning of life and living.

This is what we are teaching, this is what I find important in an age of screens and texting and missed eye contact. The human connection that binds us together.

The stories of who we are.