I have been waiting for January to end. I have been waiting since November and before all this craziness began. There is no magical something that will fix everything on February first, indeed things might just be worse, but making it through January, that has been my goal. I did not want to just survive though I wanted to find something everyday to be happy about, to be thankful for, I wanted to to find beauty in my trials.

I channeled in my inner Pollyanna.

And you know what?

It has worked.

I am happy.

I may be wading through what seems a never-ending road of horse crap but the view, the view is incredible.

Right now, in this very moment, life is good.

And I am willing to bet that the next moment is going to be even better.



Everyday · Random

Was, but didn’t

I was going to blog.

That is what I was going to do.

But I just wrangled two

toddlers to bed

and the cats have

stolen my writing chair.

I was going to blog.

I was going to blog yesterday

and the day before that.

I really was.

But it was late

I was tired.

I had nothing to say.

I had too much on my mind.

I read instead.

I fell asleep.

I was going to blog tonight.

I really was gonna.