I’ve got a secret…..

Lean in close…..



I don’t hate the winter, I don’t hate this winter……..shhhhhhh


It did not start out that way.

Not at all.

I won’t go into the hell that was this last winter, the daily fight, the seemingly never ending bitter cold…..no, I won’t.

Somewhere along the way, I looked out a window, I stared, mesmerized at the large white flakes, had I seen the snow before?

I shivered.

I could feel it, from the shelter if my home, I feel  the winter.

It was divine.

Let it go…..

I closed my eyes and shed the misery.

I dove into the cold.

Coming up for air, opening my eyes.

Safe from the driving wind and snow

Here in my home.

I no longer demand the heat of summer.

Once again, I am thankful for the winter.

Once again.

I am here

Feeling the bittersweet love of a lesson hard learned.




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