Happiness · Picture Post

….It goes on…..


It does not matter what happens, how wonderful….how wretched….how heartbreaking  this moment is, the moment moves on, times goes on.

Is this blinding truth?

Not at all.

But if you are an insanely impatient person, as I am, then reminding yourself of that everything works out, someway or another and tomorrow is a bright new beautiful day, well then, it helps.

This winter has been an amazing lesson, in patience, hope and even faith.

That last one is important as faith and I have been on the outs.

I feel sometimes like karma must have me mistaken for someone who kicks puppies and steals candies from infants.

It wasn’t me, I swear.

But until then….

I have learned to really sit back and appreciate what I DO have going for me, to appreciate the breathtaking scenery, to “stop and smell the roses”.

Might as well because wallowing in the misery of “why me” sucks after the first couple of hours.

I feel like a broken record. Is this my third post on the glories of winter?


We had an epic snow storm the other day(s), winters last little “you’re going to miss me when I am gone” solo number.

It was fierce-some, unexpected and held little back, Felicity and I were out shoveling out the mailbox, it took us a while to even find it, then we went on a wee little walk down the road to return the shovels we had borrowed.

The sky was bright blue, the sun bright and shining, the snow cold,wet and heavy, coated everything.

The world was one giant sparkling diamond.

Life would have been so much easier if we had not had that snowstorm, but what an insanely gorgeous day we would have missed!



Life is, as always, a beautiful, spectacular wonder.



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