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Movie Night

Peaches excited for the show♥

We watched Mary Poppins for movie night. I have not seen that movie since Katie was a baby, way too long. I love Mary Poppins! Often on movie nights I go up to S&G’s, so I am not at home to enjoy a show and popcorn with my kids, I didn’t realize what I had been missing until Friday and Mary Poppins. I have the attention span of a…..squirrel, I rarely watch a full length movie and pretty much never watch a full show while not also doing something else. But Friday I snuggled up with my kids on the couch and we watched a magical movie together and it was awesome. Totally honest, kind of hard, I like to be doing stuff and find I pay better attention with pen and paper, or laundry or candy crush going on the side. But it was worth it.

I love to hear how they interpret what they have watched, to listen to them recite their favorite parts. I remember when we watched all the Harry Potter movies after reading the books, they tore the movies to shreds! And all those hours I spent reading Harry Potter  out loud to my kids? Worth it! They paid attention, when watching the movies they remembered details in the books I had forgotten about!

I love my kids♥