Easter! Sugar Rush! CANNNNNDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!

I currently have one super sweet DSLR, one pretty awesome compact (camera),  two cell phones with cameras and two kindles with cameras. Coincidentally I have no Easter pictures.

Last night was a train wreck of one needy child after another so that by 6:30 this AM, when the children wanted to see if the bunny had hopped on by, I garbled a short consent and fell back asleep. I am fairly certain Joff didn’t even move.

By the time I did crawl out of bed, Abby was laying on the couch staring at a round chocolate egg with glazed over eyes and a sick look to her face.

By lunch the rest of the children where asking for greens. Soups. A peanut butter sandwich. Anything but sweets. Chantelle actually handed me her basket at point and told me she couldn’t even look at it anymore. Tilly is three.

Based on the baskets friends and family posted pictures of on social media, I would have said we where down right stingy with the candy this year.

So all in all a raging success:)

Happy Easter!

Oh hey, it was 15  degrees last night, and snowing today. What the freak is up with that? James and Mandy better get that guest room ready, I need some sunshine! I want to go on a hike! I hate mud! Lets just skip the mud and cold and go straight to warm weather. And by warm weather I am asking for anything above 35.


(Wrote this on Easter and I didn’t even bother to publish. Sigh. I need help.)


2 thoughts on “Easter! Sugar Rush! CANNNNNDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!

  1. Lol! It’s ready! It’s been in the upper 80’s low 90’s.
    We’re blessed today’s only getting to upper 70’s.

  2. One of these days I really am going to be on your doorstep…..just saving up.

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