Peaches cries out, Mommy! As though she has not spent the day within five feet of me at all times. I had just gone to the restroom, gone all of five seconds. But she is thrilled to see me.

Reading her favorite stories and eating cherry tomatoes, seeds and juice dripping down her chin.

Counting everything 6,7,8,10. Again and again.

Bouncing, bouncing everywhere. My little bunny Foo-Foo.

Bobba Is code for a drink of anything, and Cocoa means food.

Singing. Dancing.

Again and again.

She is sunshine.

But then,

It is late and we curl up in bed, she counts her toes and we sing the ABC song until her eyes start to close. Finally. Finally she is asleep and the  exhaustion of having a two year old leech melts away. She is my drug, my tiny little human, my last, my baby.

I can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.



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