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The flu?

I am so tired! And I am hot, even though it is freezing, but if I take off my cozy robe I am freezing. And my head. Oh my head. I can’t think……I can’t afford to have the flu right now! Or whatever this is, I just can’t.

Aren’t my Guinea Hens adorable?

We have been  blessed with a mild October, and our woodstove is nearing installation. Hurray for cozy firesides, sitting around a warm  fire with the wind and snow blowing out of doors is one of my favorite aspects of winter, an opportunity to draw my family close.


We are nearing the end of twin month, Elli will be 11 on Saturday and I have yet to take pics of the two of them, life only gets busier it seems, but I am grateful for a full life, and a wonderful family.

Now to find a way to ward off the impending illness I feel is creeping up on me.

Bad flu, bad!




House update

Since we moved into our house, five years ago? Our shell, our living quarters in training, our forever home that will never be finished (hahaha), we have been making steady progress, but up till this year it has been rough, there has been rustic living, learning to live without certain everyday comforts (for a six months we did not have a kitchen sink!). Because our house was built alongside our mobile home, and our house plans dictated our dining room and kitchen where the mobile home where sitting, we have lived with a tiny square of a kitchen in a back hall, and our dining table was in the living room. It has been a shuffle, and everything shifts around as we build new things, or need room to build. Most rooms have served duel functions, storage is almost non existent, because we haven’t got around to finishing the house, we just buy material every paycheck. Example, paycheck comes in, set aside grocery money, set aside, gas money, buy two bundles of Roxul, and a window. When we actually finish this thing I am going to feel so stinking rich…….

But this year, we finish the last actual piece of construction, this is the last year for buying shingles, and chipboard, the last year for insulation, and 2x6s, and the last year for nails. Nails! I have them everywhere, coat pockets, drawers, in cups on a sill, buckets of them in the shed, under the stairs, everywhere.

Actually I am certain we will always be working on some project or other, I mean we do want to build a garage eventually, hahaha, but as far as the house goes. This is it. Finally.

And that means we have started actually started finish work, the upstairs floors are down, the wiring is done, the lights are in. The material for my ceilings and walls comes in a few days.

Excited to have half of my house finished? Excited to no longer stare at studs, and insulation? Excited to finally be able to paint some walls, and hang up pictures of my kids?


It will still take a few more years to finish it, my poor husband has to work, eat, and sleep sometime, but we are on the other side. Arguably the more expensive side, but oh so much more fun side.

This winter, for the first time in five years, I will have a kitchen, and a dining room. I will actually use my living room as a living room.

Its just too awesome for words.