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Question Everything February

My laptop broke. It broke, broke. Dead. Never going to turn on again. That happened back in…..December? It was a while ago. Anyway, I have felt bereft and sad over it. I don’t like borrowing Joffs because he has his set up all wrong, although he thinks its right, its not. But I have to use it sometimes because School, ugh though.

Anyway, the deep question that drove me to blog today.

How do you know when something is right? When making a decision, how do you know when you are making the right choice? Is it even possible to make a rational, logical decision?

February is full of decisions, lots going on. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life….I will be an old lady in six months, I am feeling the need to decide what I am going to be when I grow. Or should I grow up?

I am a queen procrastinator, I probably will still be deciding as I draw my last breath……

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