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Has it really been an entire year?!

My sweet Wilkens came into this world when she was good and ready and she has maintained that attitude ever since, spoiled, petted and altogether the sweetest princess a mother could want. She makes us laugh every day, I still enjoy waking up to snuggle her in the middle of the night and no matter what else in this world she has proven to me that God knows better then any of us. I cannot imagine a single day of life without her smiles and dancing, without her nonsense chatter and constant demands of hugs and kisses. Tomorrow my baby turns one. I am so lucky to not only have Chantelle in my life but all of my wonderful, amazing kids. Children are Joy.



Birthday · Homeschool · Kids · Picture Post

The song that never ends…..

Hello blank page. I purposefully avoided you yesterday. Because I am contrary. Today. I am too tired to be contrary. Here are your  words, can I go to bed now?

I cleaned today. After making muffins and sausage for breakfast. I do not make breakfast as a rule, so that is a feat in of itself. Also don’t look too close, I cleaned, I didn’t, you know, clean.

Jumped back into school, by jumped I mean dipped in a toe. Language Arts for everyone. I also made the desicion to drop Elli from formal schooling. She is still so young and I cannot handle that work load when I need to be offering more to my older kids.

Chantelle has learned to twist and turn and squish her way across the floor. She is not crawling or anything but she requires a watchful eye. Tilly tries to eat sitting up, sleeps in spurts and can not stand to be still. There is so much life to get into and she is making plans for the day she can get those legs moving. God in Heaven help me. I have never had such an active baby!

I feel pretty good about the day. I mean I was eyes half closed all freaking day long. So tired! Between the pregnancy and the baby I am feeling a little more then sort of dead.

Oh hey,my eldest son turned 7!  Happy Birthday Everett! You might be Gormiti obsessed and rub off my bedtime kisses, but we at least agree that bananas are gross and chocolate is the best. Love you!





Happy Happy Birthday Eveready!

Today is Everetts birthday. He is seven years old and growing fast.

He is smart, sensitve and caring.

Everett loves a clean space, is obsessive about Gormiti and tolerates the adoration his younger siblings send his way.

I love the random hugs he gives me and his willingness to help out whenever asked.

Happy birthday, baby boy. I love you!



Now we are Five

Elli has turned five. It never ceases to amaze me that my children are no longer babies.  With the exception of Chantelle of course.

Elenore is my sunshine, she is bright and happy and smart. When I asked her a few days ago what she thought she was good at, she replied ” jokes, I guess, because everyone says I am funny, but I hate trying to make them up’.

Elenore loves to learn, when she school is over, she grabs her book and does more. When we read, she asks me to help her read it and gets impatient if I try to do it for her.She loves to know.

Elenore is a wonderful big sister, she is always looking out for her baby brother and sister.

She loves music and dancing and laughter.

She is a ray of sunshine that never fails and I am ever so proud of my daughter and the wonderful person she is growing up to be.

Happy Birthday Princess Elli elephant, my shining light, Pumpkin spice, Punky doodle, Aku, Jilly-boo, Dora the explorer, Wumpy girl.