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First Snow of the Winter

We have been having a warmer then average fall, while I have spied a strange and rather lonely looking flake or two, we have not had any real snow to speak of. Well, that was remedy last night. Just as we finished up some last minute yard and driveway tidy the first flakes began to fall, and as we tucked into some hot beef stew it was coming down and accumulating at a rapid pace.


Abby made her own match game. We played a hundred rounds. I never won.


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The Christmas Purge

I am drowning in school and life.

This being my first fall semester, I am finding the last few weeks of school is seriously clashing with any and all holiday good cheer. I have a dozen assignments due but instead of dutifully chip-chipping away essays galore I am instead organizing the closets and clothing bins. I have scoured ceilings, sorted papers that had piled up on my side table, matched socks of all things. I have swept thirty times to day alone.

You see, the last bit of the semester is in the way of whatever manic cleaning demon possesses me every December.

I have had some time to consider why I feel the need to scrub the house and tidy every nook and cranny of the house every December since I can remember, I have chalked it up to feeling done with the clutter, nesting, and binge-watching Hoarders.

In actuality I believe it has more to do with the feeling of time slipping through my fingers, with less then thirty days of the year left, I can’t let 2017 slip away a dirty disheveled mess, it isn’t dignified or right. Plus I just feel like a new year should start with a clean slate, even a clean house. An empty canvas ready for new messes and chaotic clutter. Time to move that rotting apple core from behind the couch and make way for the cheese stick that is too come.

But all of this cleaning is coming at a price, and the price might well be a good grade.

Its compulsive, I promise myself I shall finish one essay and then I might bury my arms into a cupboard ready to merrily toss away expired tins of tomato soup whilst wearing my Santa hat and bobbing my head to Jingles Bells. I promise myself this lovely picture of domestic bliss and I head off in excitement, the essay untouched. No clue what the topic even is.

Ah well, I have fought it all day, and settled in my chair I begin to type, my eyes straying just the once to an empty mug on the coffee table, and then it is too late. I am up to take the offensive mug to the sink, on the way I grab a dirty sock that is dangling from a lamp shade, and a candy wrapper from in front of the stairs, once in front of the sink I count out the dishes (seven) and decide they must be done before they pile up! And then of course the washing machine is not running (heaven forbid!) and that must be filled, and the sheets in the dryer should be folded before they wrinkle………..

The essays will never be finished.


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The flu?

I am so tired! And I am hot, even though it is freezing, but if I take off my cozy robe I am freezing. And my head. Oh my head. I can’t think……I can’t afford to have the flu right now! Or whatever this is, I just can’t.

Aren’t my Guinea Hens adorable?

We have been  blessed with a mild October, and our woodstove is nearing installation. Hurray for cozy firesides, sitting around a warm  fire with the wind and snow blowing out of doors is one of my favorite aspects of winter, an opportunity to draw my family close.


We are nearing the end of twin month, Elli will be 11 on Saturday and I have yet to take pics of the two of them, life only gets busier it seems, but I am grateful for a full life, and a wonderful family.

Now to find a way to ward off the impending illness I feel is creeping up on me.

Bad flu, bad!



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Because I have nothing to do, certainly not school work, or homeschooling to tend to, or piles and piles of laundry, because dinner does not need to be made and because there are absolutely NO dirty dishes in the sink, I find myself here.

I have been drawn over the last couple of months, flirting with words, dancing with my thoughts, unsettled and uncertain. There is a change, a shift. These things make me antsy.

And so here I am.

With words, stuttering brain.

Well now.

It is so grey today, I rejoice though, I love cloudy days. The children are about, the husband is at work.

I have been contemplating time, how there are so many ways to measure it, in the growing stack of clothes to take to goodwill, they have grown out of 4T, and the boy is a 10-12T. I borrow my daughters shoes. There is space, ever-increasing, but the cupboards must be full at all times. Teens eat a lot.  They go away, and they don’t need me. I need them though. I got lost in the diaper aisle trying to figure out what to buy a friend, I held up onsies  and marveled at the tiny size, was my 16-year-old ever that small? My baby is skin and bones, she is long and lanky. She needs me……..to make her cookies and read her books. I can never let her grow older. I already know I have lost them all. And here we have another summer slipping into her red and golds. Another childhood summer lost.

I have so many more years, oh I know, I know. I have time……but I know longer assume  I have it all. I can see the change, I can feel the drift. And I relish every day, every single sweet day with these eight beautiful people who call me mother.

I am back, to record that my sons just biked down the drive swords in hand, my babies are playing dress up with stuffed lovies on the trampoline, my beautiful teens are listening to music and drawing……these are the things that make up a beautiful life.

My family are my all, and that perspective is what shapes my heart.P1100399.jpg

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Yikes has it has been a while!

I swear the earth spins faster the older I become.

Life is a muddly puddly mess, but rather enjoyable at the same time, so no giant complaints here!

Spring is taking its own sweet time arriving this year.

We have a new puppy, Bella.

Evs has a Lepoard Gecko named Gene Kelly.

We went on a trip to Mo. and had a wonderful time.

Today we have finally discovered that our well pump is bad, we have not had water for a month and a half! But there is a solution on the horizon, so yea!

Here is a picture of the Peach, who is as adorable as ever. The stickers are from the doctor, for being an angel at her appointment:)



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Movie Night

Peaches excited for the show♥

We watched Mary Poppins for movie night. I have not seen that movie since Katie was a baby, way too long. I love Mary Poppins! Often on movie nights I go up to S&G’s, so I am not at home to enjoy a show and popcorn with my kids, I didn’t realize what I had been missing until Friday and Mary Poppins. I have the attention span of a…..squirrel, I rarely watch a full length movie and pretty much never watch a full show while not also doing something else. But Friday I snuggled up with my kids on the couch and we watched a magical movie together and it was awesome. Totally honest, kind of hard, I like to be doing stuff and find I pay better attention with pen and paper, or laundry or candy crush going on the side. But it was worth it.

I love to hear how they interpret what they have watched, to listen to them recite their favorite parts. I remember when we watched all the Harry Potter movies after reading the books, they tore the movies to shreds! And all those hours I spent reading Harry Potter  out loud to my kids? Worth it! They paid attention, when watching the movies they remembered details in the books I had forgotten about!

I love my kids♥



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My morning thus far.

I went to bed last night at 2:30 am thinking I would wake up bright and early, scour my kitchen from top to bottom, shower, finish washing ALL of the laundry and finish prepping for school. Along with all the other brilliant things I normally do. I think/believe I was a bit delirious last night. I even left myself a note with a motivational quote, a note I read at 8:30 am while sipping Pepsi out of a fancy tea cup and listening to the cat hiss at me because I really do need that shower, and get this, I have children who expect things from me. Like food and stuff.

I normally make breakfast-y foods like yummy lumpy oatmeal and wonderful cinnamon pancakes for breakfast, but I was feeling wealthy last night and went out and bought cereal and milk. Waking up and not having to cook breakfast is like winning the lottery in my world.

So I didn’t have to cook, that I was nice, but I do have two toddlers who like to have their tushes changed and then I need to kick the kids off the TV and send them out to get some healthy, wholesome sunshine, I send one out with a promise, you play for two hours, (No Whining!) you can play one computer game. I read to the older kids and put some bread on to rise. And now it is nearing lunch.

I really should go shower.

It often happens that I can say that over and over all day, and still not find a moment to shower. Granted I could be bathing instead of typing but the baby has taken up running away from home and she is really fast.

We are on vacation. From school.

The problem I sometimes have with schooling my kids is the expectations, the expectations that I am failing somewhere along the line. If a teacher fails to teach or a student fails to learn in public school, the parent is not the one the lynch mobs go straight for, when you homeschool and your kid hesitates when asked by a complete stranger in the parking lot of Walmart, who was the 22nd Vice President of the US or where is Bhutan located? Well, kid better preform or I, the teacher/parent,  am in for the look of judgmental ire. I do not mind so much that my kind can’t recall who was the 22nd Vice Prezz, I mind that some busybody who really doesn’t know the answer to her/his question is calling my kid out in public.

(Breathe, maybe I needed to vent a little?)

Levi P. Morton. 22nd Vice President of the US. Also the dude who accepted the statue of Liberty from the French. The French thought he was pretty special, I think it had something to do with his amazing beard skirt.