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Homemade Christmas Part 2

I need to start labeling stuff.

OK then what do we have for you today! My Crafty blog list (on google bookmarks, there is no way I could fit them all on my blog list:) is huge and now I feel I have more then plenty of ideas for Christmas, Hurray!

This first one is sort of the end and beginning of everything, I love the way she has stuff organized so neatly there, If you go anywhere go to One Pretty Thing because chances are half (more then that all of them!) the links I could provide she already has, she is that awesome:)

This ornament by Handmade Parade is too freaking cute and it is pretty easy to make. We are so making some for our tree this year!

I love the way Heather Bailey personalized a gift card with this ultra cute gift box, plus she has a awesome pattern we can download, how cool is that?

A bowl of moss and pebbles is by a very sweet and extremely talented 17 year old girl, check out this Adorable doll she made for her niece. Although this is a little more labor intensive then I have time for this Christmas I am keeping this homemade doll on my to do list.

A cute idea to make custom made tee’s or onesies (or handbags, customize a quilt etc.) is using Freezer paper stencils, I looked around for a tutorial and I love Celtic Mommy’s best. Also check out the Flickr freezer paper stencil pool for a lot of awesome ideas!

You can find a handmade holiday list for 2008 over at Sew, Mama, Sew! Which I am just barely starting to explore so check it out for way more information:)

And then of course we have Better Homes and Gardens I love the Sock Snowmen the Matchbox Advent Calender and the Felt-Wool Santa Pillow.

So are you ready? I confess that when I was making my list of stuff I was going to make this year it was way to long, I just don’t have time, but that is okay because I will make some of this stuff this year but come January 1st I can really get a good head start on Christmas 2009 (getting ahead of myself maybe?:)

Don’t forget to head over to One pretty thing I promise you will love that site! Coming up next on the Handmade Christmas Agenda is treats and goodies! I already have several recipes bookmarked and ready to share plus I will be trying out some to give a first hand review!

Crafts · Handmade Christmas

Homemade Christmas

I am not the craftiest person around, the creative side of my brain is lazy when I am wide awake which isn’t often but there is something about glue, fabric and markers that just makes me want to create:)
So I have for you today some of my favorite things around the web that you can make for Christmas.
First we have Bizzy Bee Creations I personally love her altered clipboards and Holiday Garland
I Love, Love the Garland:)

Perhaps this next one is more then you want to take on for the Holidays but I have to at some point in my life make this. But if you are the super crafty type it would make a super awesome present.

I have seen the Crayon Holders all over the web, personally I think they are uber cute and would make one for Katie but the rest of my kids probably would just dump them all out and then stomp on them, Skip To My Lou is a really great place for gift ideas and easy to understand tutorials.

If you really, really like to get creative check out this amazing Snowman over at Simple Flourishes. I was definitely wowed.

I am making these for the kids for Christmas (shhhh) the pattern is easily adaptable so I can make all there favorite animals:)

Little Birdie Secrets is one of my all time favorite blogs and i want to make Lots of these Memory boards. Again great easy to understand tutorials.

I want to make all my kids a quilt again this year, I really love the Ragged Squares quilt over at Crazy Mom Quilts and she does a awesome tutorial.

So that’s my list for the day, I have more (lots and loads more) but I will save those for another time, right now my house is crying “clean me! clean me!”