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Merry Christmas

We have had the most lovely Christmas yet. Yesterday, Christmas Eve, was a Sabbath and we attended sacrament which was full of beautiful words and joyous Christmas music. The congregation sang Joy to the World and I felt so happy, and everything was right and wonderful.


We made  peanut butter cookies and fudge for Santa Christmas Eve afternoon, we read a story, and attended our traditional Christmas Eve nativity at the A’s house, we had a pile of cousins all running around merrily shouting in anticipation of Christmas. eventually they were organized and we listened to Grandpa Atwater read the story of Christ’s birth.

There were Grandma PJs waiting us under the tree, our first Christmas present, and the NORAD tracker was eagerly watched.

When Katie, Alice, and Felicity were toddlers and we could not get them to sleep on Christmas Eve we began the tradition of all piling into the girls room for a Christmas Eve camp out. I threaten every year to quit and sleep in my own bed as the children never sleep, and I spend Christmas in (happy) exhaustion.

I gave in and as per usual the children were awake ALL NIGHT!


But today was fabulous, the children are happy, and I spent time curled in front of my fire watching the blizzard outside.

Christmas is almost over.  Bittersweet.

Merry Christmas.


I LOVE the view from my dining room
It is small and simple but the little Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus here are my favorite nativity that I put up.


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The Christmas Purge

I am drowning in school and life.

This being my first fall semester, I am finding the last few weeks of school is seriously clashing with any and all holiday good cheer. I have a dozen assignments due but instead of dutifully chip-chipping away essays galore I am instead organizing the closets and clothing bins. I have scoured ceilings, sorted papers that had piled up on my side table, matched socks of all things. I have swept thirty times to day alone.

You see, the last bit of the semester is in the way of whatever manic cleaning demon possesses me every December.

I have had some time to consider why I feel the need to scrub the house and tidy every nook and cranny of the house every December since I can remember, I have chalked it up to feeling done with the clutter, nesting, and binge-watching Hoarders.

In actuality I believe it has more to do with the feeling of time slipping through my fingers, with less then thirty days of the year left, I can’t let 2017 slip away a dirty disheveled mess, it isn’t dignified or right. Plus I just feel like a new year should start with a clean slate, even a clean house. An empty canvas ready for new messes and chaotic clutter. Time to move that rotting apple core from behind the couch and make way for the cheese stick that is too come.

But all of this cleaning is coming at a price, and the price might well be a good grade.

Its compulsive, I promise myself I shall finish one essay and then I might bury my arms into a cupboard ready to merrily toss away expired tins of tomato soup whilst wearing my Santa hat and bobbing my head to Jingles Bells. I promise myself this lovely picture of domestic bliss and I head off in excitement, the essay untouched. No clue what the topic even is.

Ah well, I have fought it all day, and settled in my chair I begin to type, my eyes straying just the once to an empty mug on the coffee table, and then it is too late. I am up to take the offensive mug to the sink, on the way I grab a dirty sock that is dangling from a lamp shade, and a candy wrapper from in front of the stairs, once in front of the sink I count out the dishes (seven) and decide they must be done before they pile up! And then of course the washing machine is not running (heaven forbid!) and that must be filled, and the sheets in the dryer should be folded before they wrinkle………..

The essays will never be finished.


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Thanksgiving was awesome, like really, really awesome. I feel that Thanksgiving is the one holiday where it is essential that as many people attend as possible, pack them in! Especially children, I cannot imagine a holiday without children.

And my children had a marvelous time, it has been a long year with, frankly, strained family relationships and I wanted, for my children’s sake, something normal and fun and completely drama-less. And for the most part I got that and I am grateful. I am grateful for my husband and many nephews and and Nate for coming over and helping to insulate our living room floor Thanksgiving day, I am grateful for the feast that was slaved over by Sis. A, and my sister in-laws. I am grateful for Pie. Yummy, yummy pie.I am grateful for piles of cousins and that Brindle survived all the love and attention that was showered on her.

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite – only a sense of existence. Well, anything for variety. I am ready to try this for the next ten thousand years, and exhaust it. How sweet to think of! my extremities well charred, and my intellectual part too, so that there is no danger of worm or rot for a long while. My breath is sweet to me. O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.” 
― Henry David Thoreau

Me, after eating way too much and then eating more.
Me, after eating way too much and then eating more.


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Peaches and Stuff

I am fairly certain that Peaches broke the phone.  She takes phones quite seriously and bathing them in milk is apparently what one does with a phone.

She also loves computer screens and keyboards. Keyboards have to be smashed by fat little paws until the computer gives up and shuts off.

The cats do not like the computer. Prowler has learned how to turn it off and he likes to do so whenever I am doing something important or when he wants my attention, which incidentally, is all the time.

The printer is just plain evil and does what ever the crap it wants.

Miss Constance is here tonight, you would think the Queen herself was up for a visit, I am so very glad that the cousins love each other. Even when we adults can not seem to behave the children manage to stay friends, something I am extremely grateful for. I have a few things to learn from the wee ones I think.

The girls put on a delightful play just as I walked in the door this evening, they have promised to repeat the performance tomorrow so that I might record it.

Turkey day is imminent!

I Adore and Love Thanksgiving♥




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Jello and America. I love America! Whoo-hoo and all that.

Wading through jello. JELLO!

That is how I have felt the last couple of days.

Now don’t ask me how I know what it feels like to wade through jello, I do not have a plausible answer.

It was just………. Jello.

I have enduring a head cold, a nasty, mean, wickedly evil head cold.

Also insomnia.

Even though I must be up early, I sense another long night ahead of me.

Happily, after some sleeping pills and good cold meds, I did get some pretty decent sleep last night.

Bring on the wide awake eyes and the endless chattering of my brain telling me sleep is for when I am dead.

Which I might be by morning if these mosquitoes get their way.

We took a week off of school for the holiday.

Slamming back into it in the morning.

And hopefully I will get a call about my (GED) tests results.

Crossing my fingers.


Elli and Tilly♥

Chantelle turns two this week!

And ……..


Happy 4th of July!!!

Wait where is that, insanely adorable and strong willed toddler names Chantelle???

Having a fit off to the side.

Here we go!!

P1090256To be fair this shot was taken at 6:30am (AM!). If I hadn’t already been awake I would be off to the side having a fit too.

My kids love holidays:)

That is all.


I should put that on a t-shirt, you know……

It was just……Jello

Somehow or another I think that would be a good byline for my life.

K~ (again)


Merry Christmas


3:45 AM is when I surrendered.

The children ran pell-mell for the tree.

What  screaming delight to find Santa had been ’round.

Then there was,

Much playing,

Spontaneous squealing for joy,

And ever so many hugs and kisses.

Now the day is gone

The delight and exhilaration

have given way to deep slumbers.

Good night.

Merry Christmas.



The Lamb and the Wolves (Happy Easter)

Yesterday was a haphazard sort of day, doing everything at the last moment, including an Easter egg hunt with the Rosso cousins. It was fun and I am so glad we managed to pull it together at the last-minute. The one thing we did not do this year was dye Easter eggs, partially because we have around a thousand brown eggs as our hens have sprung into action and we can barely eat/give them away fast enough. Brown eggs, we discovered do not dye well.

Today was Easter Sunday. I went to church, which was just all around odd, but the children were beyond excited that I went and that made me kind of sad. I had to go though, the Easter bunny does not arrive at our house unless you go to church. Chantelle was excited because she got to ride in the truck, her obsession with riding in the truck is beyond normal. Everett, after a song, turned to his dad and said “Isn’t Sunday the best day of the week?!” Felicity was very excited to turn in her conference notes and receive her prize, because she really worked hard to pay attention both Saturday and Sunday of Conference weekend. Frankly she did amazing, listening to each two-hour session  and trying her hardest to figure out what each person had to say. Most of the time I wonder how these children are even mine, they are such good kids and despite my usual bad example on a daily basis they are managing to do what is right, heck, they even manage a reprimand for me on occasion:)

Joff was supposed to go into work this afternoon, but did not end up going and that made the kids even happier still, so we sat around munching on candy and talking. It is wonderful to just have a day as a family once in a while and for us it does not happen nearly often enough. The Rosso cousins came to play for an hour before dinner, even little Dan, although he really just came to read our giant book of animals, still it was fun to listen to him talk about the awesomeness of cats while I readied for dinner.

We were supposed to eat the goose for dinner, but Joff worked too much to get around to butchering the poor guy so he was spared once again. We had crock pot chicken noodle soup instead and I am glad we did not have a large traditional dinner this year, chicken noodle soup was perfect after all those jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

I feel so sad for that goose, he is so lonely, but my attempts at finding him a home are proving futile. I really do not want another goose, but I am now thinking maybe I will just buy a female goose for the poor guy. What is a little more critter poo around here anyway?

All in all a very good day. I am thankful for my husband and children, I am thankful for my nieces and nephews. I am thankful for the opportunity, to try again each and everyday to forgive and to be a better person, no matter how often I fail at both.

Happy Easter.