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My morning thus far.

I went to bed last night at 2:30 am thinking I would wake up bright and early, scour my kitchen from top to bottom, shower, finish washing ALL of the laundry and finish prepping for school. Along with all the other brilliant things I normally do. I think/believe I was a bit delirious last night. I even left myself a note with a motivational quote, a note I read at 8:30 am while sipping Pepsi out of a fancy tea cup and listening to the cat hiss at me because I really do need that shower, and get this, I have children who expect things from me. Like food and stuff.

I normally make breakfast-y foods like yummy lumpy oatmeal and wonderful cinnamon pancakes for breakfast, but I was feeling wealthy last night and went out and bought cereal and milk. Waking up and not having to cook breakfast is like winning the lottery in my world.

So I didn’t have to cook, that I was nice, but I do have two toddlers who like to have their tushes changed and then I need to kick the kids off the TV and send them out to get some healthy, wholesome sunshine, I send one out with a promise, you play for two hours, (No Whining!) you can play one computer game. I read to the older kids and put some bread on to rise. And now it is nearing lunch.

I really should go shower.

It often happens that I can say that over and over all day, and still not find a moment to shower. Granted I could be bathing instead of typing but the baby has taken up running away from home and she is really fast.

We are on vacation. From school.

The problem I sometimes have with schooling my kids is the expectations, the expectations that I am failing somewhere along the line. If a teacher fails to teach or a student fails to learn in public school, the parent is not the one the lynch mobs go straight for, when you homeschool and your kid hesitates when asked by a complete stranger in the parking lot of Walmart, who was the 22nd Vice President of the US or where is Bhutan located? Well, kid better preform or I, the teacher/parent,  am in for the look of judgmental ire. I do not mind so much that my kind can’t recall who was the 22nd Vice Prezz, I mind that some busybody who really doesn’t know the answer to her/his question is calling my kid out in public.

(Breathe, maybe I needed to vent a little?)

Levi P. Morton. 22nd Vice President of the US. Also the dude who accepted the statue of Liberty from the French. The French thought he was pretty special, I think it had something to do with his amazing beard skirt.
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I have been grumpy all day.

I had this idea all last week of what my weekend would look like, and it primarily involved Netflix and the filing cabinet. The time has come and past due to organize and file last years school work. This is really important as we are set to start Geo Matter POS  this week. Clean out the old and in with the new.

But that did not happen.

Worse, instead of getting to organize and catch up on whatever the BBC has to offer, worse, I had to deal with people.

For two days in a row, there were people. My hubby and kidlets doesn’t count. I am used to them, we get along. But everyone else……..I can only take in small measured doses.

And instead of finding a moment to meditate, pray, I found a can and became Oscar the Grouch.

Not very graceful.

I have just finished a classified amount of Peanut Butter cups, There a folders and binders piled high here on my desk.  It is frustrating.

I love the above quote.

It reminds me that it is okay to be frustrated sometimes, but that I was able to do something that, while out of my comfort zone, was a service for others, for my family, and in the end, for myself.

It was a Good thing.

Unorganized paperwork is not the end of the world.

(I hope.)

I will try for better grace tomorrow.

Right now I need to go belt out Let it Go with my girls….





2013 School Curriculum Plans

School Curriculum plans are all set for 2013!

We start our new school year on the 7th of January.

September to September was not working for me and since we finished up pretty much everything we were working on in November I decided to start a new school year in January. I have us scheduled for six weeks on, one week off all year. Well we will take two weeks in August and the full month of December. I am excited to see if this works for us, and if it doesn’t well we just change it up again!

Our plans

POE  (middle school supplement for Katie)

MUS Beta,  Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

Jump In writing

Sequential Spelling


Apologia Anatomy and Physiology using the Rainbow Resource lab kit

OPG (learning to read)

POE and Jump In writing are new programs for us. Crossing my fingers.

I really love Apologia science and while science is included in POE I think anatomy and physiology is something we need to cover, we can take it at a gentle pace and so all will be well.

I didn’t really like the Apologia student notebooks, we will use plain old notebooks this time,  I did LOVE the Rainbow resource lab kits we have used in the past, very well put together, everything was labeled and when it was time to for an experiment it was grab it and go, in my busy life that is a big huge A+!

The Rainbow Resource lab kit is different then the one you would buy @ Home Science Tools, RR is more expensive but everything and I mean everything is included.

Math U See is still a big winner for us. Something about slow and steady?:P

Spanish is new this year. Alice has been begging Joff to teach her, so this will be for her (and her siblings) to work on and then Joff can give additional help if they need it. I really wish I could afford Rosetta Stone, I barely speak legible English, I don’t trust myself to try and teach another language at all.

I own both 100 EZ lesson and the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, I like and dislike both for a variety of  reasons, Elenore and Everett are learning to read and so far Evs has done better with 100 EZ lessons, while Elli seems to favor OPG. We will just keep going with what works!

We will continue a relaxed/unschooling approach for Caleb.

I feel like I am forgetting something, but my box of books and my planner are right here…….so if I have I will edit it in later.

Oh! Alice suggested we name our school Jammy Academy. At least we are comfy while we work!


Piano. My kids are starting piano this year. Memo to self, go buy a piano.

When reading curriculum plans on other homeschooler’s blogs I often wonder the ages of the children because grades mean next to nothing to me ( I know what they mean, but homeschooler’s do not often follow grades, using them only as a guide.) So my kids are, Katie (12) Alice (10) Felicity (9) Everett (8) Elenore (6) Caleb (5)

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Reading Joy

Well, well, well. Finally something positive to blog about!

None of my children are “readers”, they love to be read too and I do occasionally see them reading the odd picture or comic book, but reading doesn’t interest. This has been something I have tried to remedy for years, reading anything and everything to them and while they have loved the books we have read in the past…….nothing was sparking that fire I was hoping for, so you can imagine my sheer joy when I started reading Harry Potter to the girls and they couldn’t get enough……..holy cow, it has been amazing!

Alice has been rereading the first two books and sneaking peeks at the chapters we haven’t got to yet in the third book.

I. Could. Cry. For. Joy.

Felicity, is reading but not a proficient reader, still not sure about a lot of words and stumbles every word but “the”. She has been reading the first Harry Potter book, it takes her 20-30 minutes to get through a paragraph, but she does it of her own free will. Progress! She is finally showing interest in reading.

I do not know where this will go or how long it will last but I am over the moon thrilled. Doing the Happy Dance!!!!!

J.K Rowling, THANK YOU!



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March is in like a lion, but this post is a total lamb.

Has it really been a month?

I blame it on pinterest. And the children. The children are everywhere and they want me to do things for them, like feed them and wash their underwear. I am so picked on.

1. I bought a new, dome-shaped, clear umbrella. It is ridiculous how much I love it.

2. We have made revisions to the house, again. Thanks Pinterest.

3. I am  really excited to share some fantastic news about math.  Sadly it is not that math is no longer required learning, no that would be too good to be true. We have been using Math U See and loving it.  Yes the sky is falling. It is turning out best for Everett and Felicity, but Katie and Alice are doing well and I am sure they will feel better about it once they get used to it. At the very least there is no complaining. A+ in my book.

4. I am thinking of not finding out the gender this time round. I never in a million years thought I would feel that way, but I have boys and girls, a surprise might be kind of fun:).

5. Made some salsa, tons of lime and jalapano, mmmmmm, me so happy.

6. Caleb calls Tilly, “my little pet Tilly monster”.

7. As much as I am in total denial about pregnancy in general, as much as I swear up and down that I am done, so, so done having children. I cannot complain, I am insanely happy things did not go the way I thought I wanted. I have seven amazing children, a sweet angel in heaven, and a new little love on the way. I am blessed. This is something I can never say enough, whatever crap life throws my way, I am blessed.

I am sure my fur babies feel the same way:P
Fox looking out. By Katie.


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The song that never ends…..

Hello blank page. I purposefully avoided you yesterday. Because I am contrary. Today. I am too tired to be contrary. Here are your  words, can I go to bed now?

I cleaned today. After making muffins and sausage for breakfast. I do not make breakfast as a rule, so that is a feat in of itself. Also don’t look too close, I cleaned, I didn’t, you know, clean.

Jumped back into school, by jumped I mean dipped in a toe. Language Arts for everyone. I also made the desicion to drop Elli from formal schooling. She is still so young and I cannot handle that work load when I need to be offering more to my older kids.

Chantelle has learned to twist and turn and squish her way across the floor. She is not crawling or anything but she requires a watchful eye. Tilly tries to eat sitting up, sleeps in spurts and can not stand to be still. There is so much life to get into and she is making plans for the day she can get those legs moving. God in Heaven help me. I have never had such an active baby!

I feel pretty good about the day. I mean I was eyes half closed all freaking day long. So tired! Between the pregnancy and the baby I am feeling a little more then sort of dead.

Oh hey,my eldest son turned 7!  Happy Birthday Everett! You might be Gormiti obsessed and rub off my bedtime kisses, but we at least agree that bananas are gross and chocolate is the best. Love you!




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More Japan Study, with Pictures!

Katie was the only one of the kids able to pop the marble down into the drink.
Everett gives it a try. He is now insisting we buy more, he is sure he can do it next time.
Alice gives the drink an A+.
The fortune cookies were the best ever, but the candy was not so popular.
Alice cherry blossom tree


Katie's cherry blossom tree
Elli's cherry blossom tree
Caleb cherry blossom tree
Felicity cherry blossom
Evs, Sumo wrestlers
Apparently sumo wrestlers in Japan are neon yellow;)
Orange and Purple are also valid skin color options
Making carp kites
Caleb's carp kite. He actually did a pretty good job for a three-year old:D

We also created watercolor fans and paper kokashi dolls.

In Japan they have Childrens Day on the fifth of May and also a separate holiday for girls and then boys.

My kids thought that was wicked cool.

Did you know that all that stomping around Sumo wrestlers do before they get their chub hug on is to ward evil spirits out of the ring, they then throw salt around to purify the ring.

Some of their mythology is very similar to greek mythology. Go ahead and google the story of Ama-Terasu.