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The shell is completely finished. We have actually started the finish work in several parts of the house. Honestly I am so happy I could cry, it has been a long journey that at points had me wondering if I was going to live in a half finished house forever. Take this contrast, last winter I had my dining room in my living room, my family room was a drafty hall, the kids rooms were just sub floor so a lot of dust and what not fell through to the living room, we had a sixteen foot opening on one side of the house that was only covered by a large heavy tarp (surprisingly we did not freeze), and I had no kitchen. Literally, my stove and fridge were crammed into a hall behind the living room and we washed our dishes in the bathtub! It was fairly depressing to tell the truth, but we survived. This year we got the finish floors installed upstairs, moved the staircase (ya, we are crazy) built a brick alcove in the middle of the house for our woodstove (think Inglenook), finished the kitchen, and built the dining room! I have a fully functioning kitchen! And  a dining room! It is a wonderful, beautiful blessing. Our home is fully functioning and now we get to do the pretty and fun stuff. Hurray! We have a plan to have it completely finished by our 20th anniversary in 2020, I can actually see that happening, honestly I think we will be done before then. But I am pretty happy right now, I feel like I am living in a home instead of on a construction site for the first time since we started this crazy project. I will have to take pictures and share them next time.


Abby and Chantelle conducting a Halloween costume dry run / taken in the unfinished dining room



House update

Since we moved into our house, five years ago? Our shell, our living quarters in training, our forever home that will never be finished (hahaha), we have been making steady progress, but up till this year it has been rough, there has been rustic living, learning to live without certain everyday comforts (for a six months we did not have a kitchen sink!). Because our house was built alongside our mobile home, and our house plans dictated our dining room and kitchen where the mobile home where sitting, we have lived with a tiny square of a kitchen in a back hall, and our dining table was in the living room. It has been a shuffle, and everything shifts around as we build new things, or need room to build. Most rooms have served duel functions, storage is almost non existent, because we haven’t got around to finishing the house, we just buy material every paycheck. Example, paycheck comes in, set aside grocery money, set aside, gas money, buy two bundles of Roxul, and a window. When we actually finish this thing I am going to feel so stinking rich…….

But this year, we finish the last actual piece of construction, this is the last year for buying shingles, and chipboard, the last year for insulation, and 2x6s, and the last year for nails. Nails! I have them everywhere, coat pockets, drawers, in cups on a sill, buckets of them in the shed, under the stairs, everywhere.

Actually I am certain we will always be working on some project or other, I mean we do want to build a garage eventually, hahaha, but as far as the house goes. This is it. Finally.

And that means we have started actually started finish work, the upstairs floors are down, the wiring is done, the lights are in. The material for my ceilings and walls comes in a few days.

Excited to have half of my house finished? Excited to no longer stare at studs, and insulation? Excited to finally be able to paint some walls, and hang up pictures of my kids?


It will still take a few more years to finish it, my poor husband has to work, eat, and sleep sometime, but we are on the other side. Arguably the more expensive side, but oh so much more fun side.

This winter, for the first time in five years, I will have a kitchen, and a dining room. I will actually use my living room as a living room.

Its just too awesome for words.



Brag post: My House

DSC_6480This was taken November (3rd, I believe) 2011

Last year

We were very cramped for space and really it was all very ramshackle Shedd-y

I was grateful for that addition to our trailer though, it provided a decent amount of space for a time and a home is a home, even if it isn’t pretty!

As you can see this was a construction zone, this addition would be going going gone after Thanksgiving!


A side view.

The addition was 16′ x 16′


We hosted Thanksgiving dinner as the Atwaters were out of town .

We cleared out the room and dragged in tables.

We began to take the addition down the very next day.


The addition was actually attached to the trailer.

The house is not.

It sits right along side though, as this is were we wanted it to sit and it would be positioned near perfectly south.

Eventually the trailer will be dismantled and the other half of our house will be built were the trailer sits now.


And it is gone!

The clean up was sooooo much fun:p


Construction began in March 2012, when it started to thaw a bit.


Front and back half finished and work started on the upstairs started.

IPOD 167

IPOD 166

ipod 257ipod 259ipod 260ipod 261

And here we are today

ipod 1095

The shell is complete

Go ahead, scroll up. Take a peek at the before.

We will finish the house wrap after Christmas. We ran out of Tyvek and then Joff had surgery, so after Christmas!

We also need seven small windows.

After Christmas.

We have started putting in insulation, the wiring and interior finish will be worked on over the winter but we will not be turning on the electricity till spring.

Now for the brag part.

My Joff built this.

All by himself.

We had a few people who are construction pro’s come by and check it out.

It is perfect of course.

Joff built this,

while working 70-80 hours at his job, a lot of which was night shift.

And while dealing with a hormonal, crazy pregnant lady, who was a bit crazier then usual.

And while helping a crazy hormonal wife deal with a newborn and toddler.

My husband a brilliant, amazing, awe-inspiring man.


I will post more pics of the front and inside soon.

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Annnnnnd Christmas

I have a list of Goals. That I made way back in August (Waaaaay back when it was warm and sunny). I usually re-evaluate my goals and resolutions (hate, hate that word) In August.

August for two reasons:

1. My birthday is in August and that is when I am starting a new year,  a brand new age that will never come again and I need plenty of time to either screw it up or make it awesome.

2. I don’t need some bossy, drunk Holiday to dictate when I should resolve to eat right and make nice with the relatives, you know, just in case.

New Years eve is like a mob boss, but instead of breaking your legs when you have not lost 26 lbs by the middle of next week, he cripples you with agonizing guilt. I don’t run with that kind of crowd. No sir.

But this year, given new circumstances, I find myself pulling out my notebook and looking over my goals for year 28. And scratching out half of them. Scribbling in new ones. Amending others. Like:

1. Shower at least once a month.

2. Breathe deeply.

3. But not too deeply, if the shower is a still a few weeks off.

4. Buy a chocolate factory and move in.

5. Wash all the socks.

Wait, wrong year.

WoW! I did not do too badly that year…….

Ahhh okay here it is.

1. Buy a 15 passenger van and play chicken with at least one semi.

2. Stain and finish the floors in the new house. (Amendment, don’t get high on the fumes, dratted pregnancy.)

3. Teach the children something over the course of the 2011-2012 school year.

4. Eat more avacodoes.

5. Buy a pair of really cute boots.

6. Adopt a puppy and try not to cry when he chews up said cute boots.

7.  Buy a chocolate factory and move in.

8. Be nice. At least try.

A brand spanking new goal is a post a day for the next week. I miss my blog. I don’t have to be civilized here.

There are of course a whole slew more. But this post is about Christmas . Or something.


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Too old for naps.

Chantelle, at the ripe old age of five months and five days has decided napping is for three week olds. Oh dear Lord, I pray it isn’t so. We are due for a Rip Van Winkle style nap now. Now. Amen. Chantelle has been awake since 6:30 AM, she had a 20 minute nap at 4:00 this afternoon and at 10:58 PM she is wide awake and going strong. People, she isn’t even cranky.

Chantelle wants to crawl, walk, run and start stuffing all those teeny tiny toys my children collect into her mouth,  but her legs and arms have different ideas, thankfully.  She is five months going on three years.  We love her.

The children pray nightly that daddy will be able to finish there bedrooms soon. God, in his infinite wisdom, is either against construction or has a funky sense of humor, because every time Joff has more then three hours to work it rains. Pours. Not even kidding. It has become a sad, sort of joke around here.

Joff: Boss called, wants to know if I can work Thursday?

Me: Yea that would be great, it is supposed to rain Thursday, so no problems. You can take (insert any day of the week) off instead.

Thursday arrives, bright, clear, and beautiful. Day Joff chose to take off? Yep, it rains.

So work on the house is slow, but I have been taking pictures and it has been coming along, however slowly. Joff finished the framing for the living room and after checking it out, we both agreed it will be bigger then we had imagined. So okay with me. Joists go up for the second story next and then framing for the roof. It will be done eventually.

Christmas is in only 9 days! I am not ready. Mentally anyway, Christmas really snuck up on me this year. But we are having fun and the kids have been working hard earning money to buy each other gifts. It is fun to hear them give each other hints and beg for more hints. We have a tiny, but adorable fake tree this year, due to space constrictions, but we all love it. It is so much fun to see them sitting there staring at the tree, holding a present on thier lap, just wondering at the magic of the season. There is something more about Christmas presents. I generally am a giant grinch at Christmas time, but over the years the children have shown me what Christmas is really about. So I am learning to love Christmas. Another awesome part of having children:).

11:43 PM. Chantelle has finally gone to sleep. It is a Christmas miracle!