Drum roll please……..

I am pregnant.

I discovered this interesting bit of shockwave on Monday, after feeling like crud for a week or so and Chelle telling me that she had a dream that I was pregnant. I laughed at her, might have crossed myself and told her to pray it was not so.

Then I bought a pregnancy test because the mind games were killing me.

It was positive. In an annoying, happy, skippy, loud sort of way.

I took another the next morning.


I called my midwife.

Help, I said.

Come right in. Now. She said.

The urgency and denial in her voice, matched mine. After all I had the paragard in in August.

We dropped the children off and made our way to the clinic.

Ultrasound confirmed both a teeny tiny little wee one and the IUD.


I am about 5-6 weeks.


I hope so.

Even though I was all very much done having sweet little ones, apparently God has different ideas.

I am still too much in shock to sort out how I feel exactly, but happy is were I know I will end up, because children are wonderful blessings.


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Don’t read this post. Or rantings of a lady with pregnacy brain or rather the lack of a brain altogether.

38 weeks.

Someone want to play the intro to the Final Countdown for me? That one and Under Pressure by Queen are practically lodged in my brain. Stupid Music. To try to find something else to fill the empty shell that my pregnant brain has become, I have been spending way to much time (and money) on iTunes.

I have bought music by AC/DC, David Garret, Lady Gaga, Christina Perri, Berlin, Sean Kingston and Celtic Thunder. Just a tad eclectic I am. I have bought tons of music because I have been doing an insane amount of walking. I am not walking to help induce labor, rather because I am insanely restless and way to lazy to do something useful like the laundry or mopping the floor. Besides it is rather difficult to eat cookies while balancing a mop. I can eat a lot of cookies while walking. Alot.

Because one or more of my kittens likes to go on walks with me I have been spending a lot of time talking to my cats. If you see a fat waddling lady who looks like she is trying to walk, whilst talking aloud, that would be me. I am talking to a cat. I swear. It isn’t my fault that my cats like to be all camaflougy and sneaky and walk in the grass. Camaflougy is a word. Because I say so.

Grass. I told Joff that we are buying a lawn mower this week and I don’t care if it leaves us all broke and destitute (like my iTunes addiction is so not doing). Soon, very soon, my kids will be able to play hide and seek in the yard. I went out to make sure the dog had not run off to terrorize not so innocent bunnies and sort of freaked when I couldn’t see him. Then he stood up. He was down for a nap in the jungle that has become my yard.

My house has also become a jungle. But we won’t talk about that. I am still having nightmares from watching 5 episodes of Hoarders last night. I am not a hoarder, unless you count children. I do sort of hoard children. And books. The problem with children is that they have STUFF. I hate STUFF. Husbands have stuff. But usually Husbands have a shed/garage/man cave for there stuff. Babies have stuff. Chantelle hasn’t even arrived yet and I keep tripping over her stuff. I do not have stuff. I hate stuff. I would live in less than 500 square feet and that would be wall to wall shelves. Books and cookies.  You really don’t need anything else in life. (I guess books and cookies are stuff. I sort of have stuff, where are the garbage bags!)

I have officially over used the word stuff.

Oh! Caleb is potty trained! I am beyond happy. Cry tears of joy, fall on your knees and praise the Lord sort of happy. Miracles, people. They DO happen in this modern age!

3 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours, that is how long I was in labor. I am just guessing, but you wait and see. I knows what I is talking about.

Grammar police I have dodged you once again!


Prowler pretending he doesn't know me. He can't get away with it, I can open tins of yummy tuna and he can't! Muhahahaha!


Space Whale

It is all crazy.

Life can’t be dull and boring for two seconds and I really wish it would at least try.

Slept in this morning or more accurately stayed in bed and surfed the news, catching up on the woes of the world. It was blissful to not have to crawl out of bed and start beating the crap out of my own problems.

I am a space whale. Or at least I feel  a close likeness.  Envision a beached whale struglling to roll back into the ocean…… now have a prime example of my trying to roll out of bed thirteen times a night to use the restroom. Yes, thirteen times. I have counted. I count the times I need to pee instead of counting sheep. In the end I can’ t sleep so I am unsure why I bother to crawl into bed at all. I am not complaining. I find this whole process very humorous. Those late nights up feeding and changing a baby every two hours? So ready.

Sleep deprivation? Ha! Got it down pat.

This is one test I am gonna ace.

My children have now become accustomed to random bursts of crying when they walk in with flowers or when Dora and Boots finally make it to the end of another grand adventure. They are also quite positive that I could and would shoot Dora and Boots if I ever met them in real life. Serouisly.

Someone should have been videotaping when Felicity asked me to come and jump on the tramopline. I cried and laughed at the same time. Mommy, um are you happy or sad? Both, baby doll, both.

Mood swings? Hormonal? Not much.

Caleb seems intent on eating every single minute of the night and day. I am pretty much with him there, although one more meal that includes hotdogs  and it is going down. Yuck. The kid needs help.  Thanks to a lesson on processed foods and Katie’s careful monitering of everything on the grocery list at least the hotdogs we eat are no longer really, really yuck.

Those kitchen cabinets that I was painting, what? Two? Three months ago?  I only have two left. Thanks to a spurt of nesting, which is also comical given the whole sleep deprivation thing, I have almost finished my kitchen. Almost. I wonder if I will ever finish or just keep a little bit undone so I have something to look forward too when life finally becomes mundane and boring again. (insert crazy laughter, go ahead.)

Chantelle does not have a middle name yet. Not happy. Sad thing is I think that I am being pickier now then Joff.

Ahhh, Joff. My sweet wonderful husband. He  is the one that makes sure I never run out of maalox or chocolate icecream. I am also sure that that is because he knows how to keep me sedated and happy:P Like I said hormonal, not much:P Smart, wonderful, wonderful husband.

And it needs to stop raining or else I am going to go nuts! Ya I know, way to late. Regardless, I am in need of sunshine and warm, golden weather. It is kind of pathetic to be sipping on iced tea while wrapped up in two blankets. And a cat. The cat has become very clingy.

Also how twisted is it that the kids are playing in the yard with sweaters, teeth chattering while covered in bug spray? It is a sick, sick world.

I love Adele. That has nothing whatever to do with space whales. Except that it very much does.

I have to say how grateful I am that this sweet little baby is healthy and well, that she is growing and strong. I am so blessed that I am have a supportive husband and children who are always praying for our little girl.


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We have a name!


Arguing about the middle name now, oh well something to live for anyway, right?

Chantelle is my middle name, one of them anyway. I am excited to share this name with our sweet baby girl♥.

The last month I have felt as though I am already 37 weeks. So, pretty miserable, everything hurts, nothing feels secure (ladies, you know what I mean) and I am crazy tired. In all this I cannot help but feel so grateful, grateful that Chantelle is still healthy and strong. There is nothing else that is more important then that for me right now.

I am also feeling blessed that I have such fantastic children. They get along so well, they express there love for each other and for Joff and I on a daily basis. They love  to help and I am discovering what that means for each one of them.

While the last month was incredibly hard in so many ways, I am learning to find and see the good that has come from all the bad. Life is so incredibly hard but I am blessed that I have such a wonderful little family that helps me to see and appreciate all the good that life has to offer also.


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Very random bit of nonsense that is, sadly, all TRUE!

I feel like Garfield today.

Fat. In the mood for lasagna. Hating on Monday.

I am not orange yet though……

But I do have claws (moo-haha)


So mud season is upon us, although my only evidence so far is the trail of mud that keep reappearing ever time I mop the floor. So far I have mopped the floor 2419 times today.


My toes are slowly disappearing. I am thinking of painting them bright pink in the next couple of weeks as a sort of goodbye gift to my feet until the baby makes her grand arrival.

Interestingly I have alot of people telling me how tiny I still am. Keep it coming folks, lie if you have to, just keep the you are soooo tiny comments coming……

Joff and I are in a naming war. If votes counted, I would win. Hands down.  But apparently he is still fighting the civil war, because Charlotte is way too southern for his tastes. I am now pulling for either Savannah or Georgia.


I am for the most part a brat and completely unashamed (say that if you will in your best southern drawl y’all)


Etsy will be our financial ruin, I swear the guy at the bank stays up at night weeping that he did not invent, clippy ties, adorable hair clips or insanely fun camera straps. Poor guy.

Etsy or Wal-mart. Or Target. Possibly Amazon. Definitely Hannafords. Oh ya they win. I ran down to pick up some fixn’s for tacos and had to slice the onion right there at the check out to account for all my tears. But those tacos were oh so good.

Marching past the oreo’s. Now that is a sign of strength!

Sharyn A’s eldest son Tucker has taken to baking something chocolatly seemingly every time I walk in the door and I am starting to make plans to either move in with them or bribe him to move in with us. Maybe he can make oreo’s.

Caleb my darling, sweet, little boy, whom I love all to pieces and can do know wrong in this world broke one of my dining room windows. Poor sweet boy. I am sure it really wasn’t his fault. It was that dratted chair that insists on banging  against the now broken window every time he sat in it. So not his fault, right?

Luckily we have a replacement window that is supposed to go in in May when we build the addition and finish the dining room remodel. Sadly I now have a ugly board covering the beautiful sweet light coming into my dining room. I detest dark, cavey rooms. My name Kristal……you friend….sit…..we have ……..boiled water with old leaf……hmm maybe not cave woman enough for me……I will have to let my dearest little boy hammer some holes in the floor, err I mean his hammer will have to do that…….

Well that is enough crazy from me tonight, off to dream of oreo’s and old leaf tea (yuck).


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January recap

January was a long cold month for the state of Maine! Tons of snow, lots of nights below zero and of course there was no traditional January thaw. But we survived it and if I where truly honest I would say it wasn’t half bad!

Joff had hernia surgery at the beginning of the month which meant that I was in charge of all snow shoveling and wood hauling operations, again not to bad! I got lots of exercise and really felt much better for it.

I had my first doctor appointment and ultrasound at 14 weeks and was insanely relieved to find our new little love has a heartbeat!

Katie turned ten. TEN! Life really does fly when you have children threatening to grow up in the blink of an eye.

Katie was just the tiniest little baby and now she is all tall and skinny and can barely fit on my lap, all those night walking the floor when she was colicky and I just wanted her to GO.TO.SLEEP. and now I realize there are days when I wish she was a tiny little baby again. Colicky and all. Okay, maybe not:P.

I am so proud of the person she is becoming, watching her grow and learn and realizing what a wonderful child she really is.

Katie is a talented artist and storyteller, she is helpful and smart. She is also insanely GOOD.

A pic of Katie when she was just a wee little baby back in 2001 and some of my favorite pictures of Katie from 2010.




Brace Yourself.

Sugar makes me sick.

Lolly brought me an open Hershey bar and I almost ran crying to the bathroom. Because that is where it is traditionally acceptable to throw up.

My kids are so confused.

They know my penchant for chocolate and are now convinced that I truly have been abducted and replaced by body snatchers.

I want Salt and more salt. Or Sour Patch Watermelons, the only sugar I can eat without leaving polite company for the ole traditional.

This is proof that God has a unique sense of humor. That you can trust nothing. Life can flip you upside down and tickle you unmercifully for hours and some how you survive it.

Come out of a little bit wiser, A little more life smart.  Can I go weeks without chocolate? Apparently yes I can. Will I eat scrambled eggs three times a week despite the fact that they are  the nastiest thing on the planet? Yes I will.

In a weird sort of way I have been body snatched, this little person has taken over, there is a whole new agenda and I am here to serve.