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We will swing and swing higher, higher, until our toes touch the sky.

And when are toes scrape the blue,

When the clouds are below

Then we jump

We jump

and we



We went to the park today



to 60’s rock
P1120055-001 P1120058-001

laughter and grass stains


 trees that must be climbed.

slides and swings and tunnels

again and higher and

climbing up

instead of sliding down


basketball courts and the thump, thump of

the ball

and yes,

the woosh of the net.


PB&J and crusts for the


wood chips and laughter


we went to the park today

and kissed summer goodbye


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“I am a zizzer zazzer zuzz as you can plainly see…..”

Dr. Seuss!

I sometimes think I spend more time on post titles then the posts themselves!

I tried out Wal*mats new photo thingy, you know, photo’s in a matter of minutes!

I don’t like it at all.

Of course I very rarely print at Wal*mat so I suppose that it doesn’t matter, but still.

I went to Time Out For Woman  with Cindi, Sis.A, Patty, Chelle and Susannah on Friday and Saturday.

(That was a mouthful!)

It was so much fun and exactly what I needed both emotionally and spiritually.  It was also nice to know that I am not the only one with laundry issues:D.

So many times you hear the fluff, the cheer, the good stuff and you walk away feeling discouraged, how can I ever relate to these people? They don’t sound as if they would ever recognize a bad hair day, let alone the really stressful stuff that makes up a large portion of my life! But this weekend I was so relieved to hear that they have been there and in some cases gone through some really terrible experiences and yet there they where, saying that it was okay to hope, to have faith, to live and be happy despite our challenges (and the laundry!) I left feeling like I could plunge back into my life with a renewed sense of Hope. And since Hope was the theme I would say they did an excellent job:D.

They promised to come to Portland Maine and I am so very excited!

Time Out For Woman Hartford, Connecticut  (list of presenters).

Today is the last Monday that I will have a two year in the house. I have been reminding Caleb all day long and  he is becoming quite annoyed with me. Tomorrow will be the last Tuesday with a two year old in residence………It will be a long week for my baby boy:D.

Oh! Oh! Oh! ME! ME! ( No I am not asking for a hall pass:D) I have a new watermark for my pictures, I never liked Kristal Photography, this, in my opinion, implies that I am a photographer, which I am not. I am merely a Photography Enthusiast. Very Enthusiast:D. The word Lark has a very dear, special and personal meaning to me and Photo is just um Duh. Joff designed my lark and for your information is a Crested Lark, cocky little fellow but I love him dearly. He needs a bit of tweaking but I am now bringing him out of the Adobe Illustrator closet, so to speak. Nothing fancy or special but I love it. I have a watermarking obsession, but I am not greedy if you would like a photo without the watermark (family and friends) just email me and I can send one right along!

Anyway, what do you think of my new watermark, hmmmmm?

Its Autumn time, Its Autumn time (hum, hum, hum, da, dee, dum)

Evs, is not thinking sweet little boy thoughts. Boys don’t think sweet things. That is what he tells me anyway.

I had something very interesting to say about touch screens and there role in modern society but I really can’t remember what on earth it was. Probably something not very nice.

Most likely not at all nice come to think of it.

Think of what?

I’m off to bed:D


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Labor Day Fun.

For Labor day we went to the York zoo and amusement park and then Old Orchard beach.

The traffic wasn’t too bad and the day was perfect!

The Wacky Mouse, all of the kids LOVED this ride! Towards the end of the day when the lines had disappeared the rode it over and over and over and over!

The ducks where everywhere! I love quackers♥.

Caleb carried this little pink lip gloss case all over the park, it is his camera, he would say “click” when he finished taking his shot:D.

By the time we got to the beach it was 8:00, but we had the beach to ourselves and the water was surprisingly warm.

We all got soaking wet and ended up walking back through Old Orchard carrying our shoes and making off with half the beach in the cuffs of our jeans:).


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First Day of Summer/Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory

We went to Fort Knox and Sandy Point beach on Monday the first day summer. My kids where so excited that they where up and in the car packed and ready to at 6:30 in the morning. Just so you know we do get out. This isn’t the first or last trip. Although we haven’t been to Fort Knox for a few years so, you know. Excitement. Also we went up the new observatory tower on the bridge. The tallest observatory tower on a bridge in the world. It is 420 stories tall.

We got to the top and as soon as the elevator doors opened Alice freaked out. I had to carry her out of the elevator and then she and I sat right outside the doors because there was no way she was going anywhere but back down.

The other kids on the other hand wanted to move in.

Piggybanks also got to see the views.

Fort Knox, Bucksport and a paper mill as seen from the top of the tower.

A very rare picture of all of us. Thanks elevator guy!

This tunnel (cross fire pit?) shot looks bright but trust me when I say that it was very very dark, I had to jack my iso up to the max.

It was so cool and nice in all the rooms of the fort, this is the barracks and even though they had some pretty rough living conditions they at least didn’t have to worry about the heat indoors.

If you look really close you can see Felicity over there on the right hand side. Hi Lolly!

Wouldn’t it be fun trying to scale this wall in 90+ degree’s in full uniform carrying a weapon and trying to dodge bullets from the top? Fortunately this fort never saw active duty.

The paper mill across the river really made the fort look small. Right across from  B battery.

The town of Bucksport shot (haha) from the fort.

We walked around for over two hours and we where tired and thirsty and lining up to refill our water bottles, Alice said forget the water bottle just get me a drink!

The rest of the family showed up for lunch and we sang happy birthday to Sis. A. Happy Birthday!

Sandy Point Beach in Stockton Springs

I am a seal! I am a seal!

Look mommy I dunked!

Caleb simulating a beached whale. Or at least that is what it looks like.

This is a cropped shot. This nest was surprisingly close to shore and this mommy Osprey was not too happy about our presence, both mommy and daddy took to the air and started swooping around and back to the next, we decided the safe thing to do was leave. And we did. Isn’t she beautiful though?

The Fort and the bridge as seen from Bucksport.

Click Here for more information about Fort Knox and The Penobscot Narrows Observatory.


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Boston LDS Temple

Lexington (across from the Lexington Battle Green)

Isn’t he Adorable? He reminds me of the hedgehog from Alice in Wonderland (yes the new Tim Burton Alice…..) He is even smiling although um the hedgehogs in that Alice aren’t very happy, I wouldn’t be either if I was used as a croquet-ball…….. but I digress…….This cutie currently resides at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Joff and I went to Boston for a few days this last week and these are but a very few of the pictures I took.  We had a ton of fun and I remembered a few things about myself.

1. I am a country girl, you forget exactly what a city is if you only go to one every year or so and just to be clear I go to Bangor when I need to go the city and Bangor I am fairly sure would be considered a dogstop in Massachusetts.

2. I hate traffic, more then twenty cars on the road and I am in tears ( I am sooooo fragile:P)

3. Considering and comparing Mass drivers to Utah drivers the people of Massachusettes get my vote for courteous drivers in hectic traffic award.

4. I still think food tastes better in Maine:) We found the BEST diner in Portland and I want them to set up shop in Newport so I can eat there EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Sooooooo Good. Bonus!  They have a website Beckys Diner . Go. Eat. Be Very Happy.

5. I have more pictures to post, I will probably be posting them here, there and everywhere for the rest of the year……