Christmas Challenge. Amazing

I haven’t been on Craigslist in a while, so today when I went on of course the first place I stopped by was the free section, I was intrigued, then amazed by the generosity I saw going. It all started here and so many people have taken her up on the challenge in so many ways, I am so very happy to see that in this “me” oriented society people can still get together and show love and concern for others.
When it comes down to it no matter how are hard off we are there are ways we can bring happiness to others. I am going to take her challenge, will you?


First Snow (that sticks)

Hey look! Its snow!

Lets Eat it!

Not too bad…………….

Ohhhh now lets throw it at mommy!

Then we can skate on our “pond”

F: My legs are cold
M: Well I told you to put pants or tights on
F: My legs are cold
M: Go put some pants on
F:My legs are cold



I told ya’ll I had some big news coming, well I have gotten behind in my preparations and all but everything will be a 1,2,3 GO in a couple of weeks, I am super excited and wicked bad at keeping secrets so I will just shut-up and leave.
Leaving now………


It has been one of those Twilight zone days

Sundays can get that way sometimes around here.

I have been cleaning, organizing and getting ready for the Christmas season, I have dug out all the Christmas stuff, found all my scrapbook paper, made a list of stuff to get that I don’t have. Like Glitter. I found this marvelous bottle of Glitter, the most beautiful glitter in the whole wide world, it even came with a handy dandy shaker top and a little handle, it came in white and silver, gold and green and red and I want them all, I want them all!
But at $9 bucks a bottle I must remain sad and alone and without that super duper glitter.
(or maybe I will collect them all one month at a time!)

I am missing ornaments for the tree, but have enough lights for the entire White House, I have garlands which my sweet little kittens have shredded and I have re-arranged my living room for our tree. Can you tell I am just a tad excited?:)

But this is the week! The week to be thankful and eat and have fun with family! As much as I have been going on and on about Christmas, Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday.
So today I am Thankful for Family, I love my family every single one of them:)