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Don’t read this post. Or rantings of a lady with pregnacy brain or rather the lack of a brain altogether.

38 weeks.

Someone want to play the intro to the Final Countdown for me? That one and Under Pressure by Queen are practically lodged in my brain. Stupid Music. To try to find something else to fill the empty shell that my pregnant brain has become, I have been spending way to much time (and money) on iTunes.

I have bought music by AC/DC, David Garret, Lady Gaga, Christina Perri, Berlin, Sean Kingston and Celtic Thunder. Just a tad eclectic I am. I have bought tons of music because I have been doing an insane amount of walking. I am not walking to help induce labor, rather because I am insanely restless and way to lazy to do something useful like the laundry or mopping the floor. Besides it is rather difficult to eat cookies while balancing a mop. I can eat a lot of cookies while walking. Alot.

Because one or more of my kittens likes to go on walks with me I have been spending a lot of time talking to my cats. If you see a fat waddling lady who looks like she is trying to walk, whilst talking aloud, that would be me. I am talking to a cat. I swear. It isn’t my fault that my cats like to be all camaflougy and sneaky and walk in the grass. Camaflougy is a word. Because I say so.

Grass. I told Joff that we are buying a lawn mower this week and I don’t care if it leaves us all broke and destitute (like my iTunes addiction is so not doing). Soon, very soon, my kids will be able to play hide and seek in the yard. I went out to make sure the dog had not run off to terrorize not so innocent bunnies and sort of freaked when I couldn’t see him. Then he stood up. He was down for a nap in the jungle that has become my yard.

My house has also become a jungle. But we won’t talk about that. I am still having nightmares from watching 5 episodes of Hoarders last night. I am not a hoarder, unless you count children. I do sort of hoard children. And books. The problem with children is that they have STUFF. I hate STUFF. Husbands have stuff. But usually Husbands have a shed/garage/man cave for there stuff. Babies have stuff. Chantelle hasn’t even arrived yet and I keep tripping over her stuff. I do not have stuff. I hate stuff. I would live in less than 500 square feet and that would be wall to wall shelves. Books and cookies.  You really don’t need anything else in life. (I guess books and cookies are stuff. I sort of have stuff, where are the garbage bags!)

I have officially over used the word stuff.

Oh! Caleb is potty trained! I am beyond happy. Cry tears of joy, fall on your knees and praise the Lord sort of happy. Miracles, people. They DO happen in this modern age!

3 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours, that is how long I was in labor. I am just guessing, but you wait and see. I knows what I is talking about.

Grammar police I have dodged you once again!


Prowler pretending he doesn't know me. He can't get away with it, I can open tins of yummy tuna and he can't! Muhahahaha!

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Boys and Girls

A quiet evening, so quiet that while I left dinner to simmer on the stove I decided to find out what they where all up to.

I am always grateful that my children get along so well, they are such good friends to one another. While the girls do play with each other and the boys have there own games, they often can all be found listening in as Katie tells a story or armed with bottles and buckets finding creatures in the field or woods. They love to concoct plays or beg me to take a video of them singing a silly song. They are all unanimous in there love for spongebob and cranberry sauce. The boys play petshop with the girls and the girls engage in battle with the boys if that is what they are up to. They love to lounge around the trampoline creating scenes from there own magical worlds.

My children remind me about bedtime and beg to do school if I am dragging my feet. They love to pray for everyone on the planet and family night often plays out like  a weekday game show.

They listen, they are mindful and careful of each other. There are a few strict rules and they very very rarely break them.

Do they get on each others nerves at times? Yes! The heartbreak when one of them is not being very kind is so very real, how could this friend, this sibling, be so cruel? They are often contrite and apologetic, there anger towards one another never lasts long.

They are truly wonderful children and I sometimes wonder how I, of all people should have been blessed so!

I am blessed and grateful. These boys and girls are mine and I love them dearly.