Now this might be hard to believe, but bare with me, stretch your imagination and have a little faith.
Are you ready?
It is snowing here, loads and buckets of the white stuff, rumor is this is happening all around the country. I can tell you now that I am quite shocked at this rare and strange occurrence and you can bet I will be praying for sun melting rays tomorrow.
God bless and keep warm in this a time of winter:p

This post is not meant to be read by anyone who reads the New York Times, as after all I would not want you to actually believe me:)


P.S Snow-cream and Hot Cocoa to be served in the library shortly, expect to see you all there;)


To sit and Think

You know those movies, set in olden, rusty times when people sat very still and just thought? Well that is because they didn’t have the Internet, I know because I don’t have the Internet and every now and again I sit and just think. I think mostly philosophical thoughts, I wonder alot and I want to know just about everything, sometimes this is not good, this can be very bad actually. I realize after I figure out whatever I was dying to know that I was better off not knowing it.
I like to do math, now I know, I know I have vowed a pure and devout hatred for math, but that applies to certain kinds of math, specifically the math I don’t know and people want me to learn. But math can be comforting, it is logical and there is always an answer and you know how I love answers:)

I am bored easily and this being a really cold, cold winter and us living for the most part in our living room without the Internet or TV, well I write alot, read some and mostly just think, I have been practicing meditating (anything to stave off the boredom!) and I am getting quite good, especially as I am trying to meditate in a room with toddlers practicing for bit parts in cheap horror flicks.

So lets see what else is new….hmm…
Oh I have it!

Felicity got married! to a kid named Jarrett, the ceremony was held on the playground at school on Friday.
Joff is not happy.

It is cold here, -18 degrees last night. I dreamt of summer. I usually dream of winter come summer so its all good.

A wish for joy and happiness to you, especially on your darkest days:)


Think Happy Thoughts

So I have been hanging out at the Atwaters today being anti-social and trying to catch up on Internet life, which I know isn’t spectacular but hey its a life:)
I have been attaching stuff to the blog that used to be here before the whole I need a new layout so I can feel fulfilled happened, I had alot of junk on here, I love my junk:P

I have been on the Internet for a long time now, I feel guilty and happy and guilty I need to get off, I can’t though! There is so much more to read, research and download, its not all play you know:)

I am hoping to be online again by March and then I can go back to moderation, for now I have to take my Internet in binges and hasty gulps (its dinnertime, food talk is bound to happen).

gotta go.


"Waves Hi"

Here I am dashing out the door, but I had to come by and say hullo to my dear old blog, I have been cheating on you dear thing, I have been writing on paper, with a pen. A red pen and a orange pen and sometimes a purple pen.
I love to write.
Writing, driving and running water (hopefully in the form of a hot shower) are my favorite ways to relax.

Caleb got his hair buzzed today, he is always stuffing food into the nest that was and I was always trying to wash it out. And being a able to look down at my darling son and finding tucked amongst his blond curls the cookie I set down yesterday was a bit more then I could take. He looks like Charlie Brown, Elli says his head is “naked”. Everett says he hates it and I better not cut his. Elli says Ev’s shouldn’t talk to “her boy” like that. Alice says it is cute and funny, Felicity says “whatever”, Katie- “no comment” and Joff is heartbroken.
Me? I am supremely Happy🙂

It was so very warm yesterday, a balmy 25-30 degree’s, that I didn’t were my coat all day because I was warm. Sad huh? I love it though. I went walking through the woods yesterday, winter has a certain absolute silence to it that is so very peaceful. I could hear the crunch of the snow, dripping ice and the occasional bird chirping away, as happy as I that she could spread her wings and bask in the sun which we both have been missing ever so much:)