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Birds have complicated lives too.

I almost ran over him.

I swerved and pulled over, he didn’t look dead and when I got closer he flew away. Relieved that the little bird was neither dead or hurt, I got back in my vehicle, as I was putting my belt back on I glanced in the mirror and saw that he had returned to the middle of the road. I got out once more and shooed him away, he was not deterred. I approached and he flew away. I could not stay there forever, so I left, but noticed as I pulled away that he had returned to the road.

A day later I was once again traveling that road, when I noticed a tiny little bird on the side of the road, dead. It certainly looked like the same bird and it made me sad. Can birds be suicidal?

Today, I was once again traveling home from somewhere (The bank, where money flows out faster then in). I was driving slowly and saw a small bluebird on the road, sitting next to the body of another little bluebird. He/she flew away as I slowly drove around them. It made me very sad, I wanted to get out and move the dead bird so the one did not risk its life mourning for the other, but there was too much traffic. It makes me upset when people say that animals/birds have no feelings, that they are of no account in this world really. No they are not human, but they have souls and they feel.
This evening Felicity’s very inquisitive hamster, Princess, finally managed to excape her cage while we where out, she fell and died. She was very loved and very, very special. She was buried and a small cairn was built. Tonight my little Lollypop is sad and missing her furry friend.

There is a lot of sad in this post.

I find there is a lot of sad in this world in general.