It was gorgeous today, gorgeous I tell you.

I was to lazy to actually do any yard work or haul dirt but I felt it would have been a sin to actually be inside so I went and said Hi to the goats and gave them extra hay.

They said Hi back.

And thanks for the crunchy hay. Because we all know hay is delicious and has special magical powers.

Ohhh we’ll pose for you if you give us carrots!   Okay sounds good to me.



Now we are six

Now We Are Six
When I was one,
I had just begun.
When I was two,
I was nearly new.
When I was three,
I was hardly me.
When I was four,
I was not much more.
When I was five,
I was just alive.
But now I am six,
I’m as clever as clever.
So I think I’ll be six
now and forever.
Author: A.A. Milne
My Felicity is six, which is almost but not quite grown up.
Felicity is my cheerleader, my drama queen, my snuggly hippo, cheerful and outgoing, smart and imaginative, a tomboy dressed up and glittered down running wild through the woods.
Felicity has Charmvision and nothing can ever stop her from being herself 100%.
Happy Birthday Lollypop.

Spell my name again!

I spend my life correcting people on the proper spelling of my name and sometimes, sometimes I just pretend they are spelling it right and let it go, even when it might be something important, like a credit card payment, happily my kids aren’t yet aware that there is another way to spell Kristal, some day I will let them in on the big secret, the world spells it C-r-y-s-t-a-l. But for now it is nice to have someone spelling it right ALL of the time.

Oh and my kids call me mom just so you know, they think my name is pretty and like to write on all there cards to me, along with mom. As in;

To: mommy Kristal

And when they label bright shiny rocks they label them “Kristal”

It is these small things in life that make me happy.



Pretend this blog post title is interesting please.

110509_4520 web

I love this shot of Alice, there is something so Alice-y about it, besides I think Alice is absolutely beautiful:)

Oh and the snow that is falling in the shot is now completely gone, we had at least a foot but the weather was so beautiful today, I have been cleaning up around the property, clearing brush and raking it up and forming a very interesting burn pile, stacking junk in another pile to be taken to the dump, all this work really helps me stay away from the computer and also makes me feel much better, I have a bad computer addiction, there is always something to edit or play with or research or watch or someone to chat with and it can get soooo carried away, so I am working on stepping away from the computer, spending more, non-school time with the kids, oh and the housework:)

Life has a way of wearing you down and I don’t think I would be wrong in assuming we all go through low moments in life and of course life doesn’t help either and something I am learning and not learning at a very quick pace is to just accept life, to appreciate all of life’s moments no matter how rotten I might think life is being.  I overused the word life and am now annoyed:) Not.






homeschool and stuff

It is a slump day, or maybe that was yesterday or the day before or maybe even the day before?

Everyone is taking turns being ill and it is taking a toll on the house and school and my sanity. Today I am not feeling so hot and it is library day, considering we missed last week I feel an overwhelming obligation to go and return the truck load of books that we borrowed.

I have found that lesson planning works for me, not that I follow it exactly because I don’t but it gives me a line to follow and keeps me on track, even so I am not feeling very on trackish lately, I think I am hitting that what in the heck am I doing stage, that overwhelming oh my gosh my children will grow up to know nothing stage, that I am not providing all the wonderful opportunities I was planning on stage. I understand that we will get back on track, eventually and that the first year is hard but still, don’t we all want to be that one exception to the rule?

On the bright side the girls are loving school, they request it even and I have all my own memories of homeschooling to keep me moving forward.

My mantra right now is; They don’t need to know everything today, they don’t need to know everything today……..

Other stuff, Caleb makes sound effects when he hits someone, whack, whack is his favorite. Elli literally cries like this, wah, wah, wah and she does it very sincerely.

I am off the computer now, it is noon and I am still in my jammies. Time to get moving, blah!